I’m a sucker for bunting. Or garlands — apparently, I’m not sure which! I always thought a garland was bunting without flags — something stung together more closely, like this egg “garland” from Better Homes & Gardens:

Easter egg garland

But Merriam-Webster begs to differ. A garland is actually “a circular or spiral arrangement of intertwined material (as flowers or leaves).” Bunting is “a lightweight loosely woven fabric used chiefly for flags and festive decorations.”

Well, whatever you call them, I really do love the extra punch that bunting (I guess) provides.

Right now, I’m loving burlap bunting. I’m going to try making my own (no-sew) version this week. This is from Funky Shique.

Halloween bunting

Of course, they are terrific to dress up a cake. Here’s a tulle pom garland (?) from Titi’s Tutus.

Cake Tulle Bunting

Bunting can be fabric certainly, but also scrapbooking paper, tissue paper, Washi tape, doilies, real bandanas — all of these are great options, if like me, you don’t sew. These paper bandanas were made by Mary Janes and Galoshes.

Paper bandanna bunting

If you have a die cutting machine, you could make this leaf garland from Good Housekeeping. Or just buy faux leaves at WalMart or a craft store when they appear in late summer.

Leaf Bunting

Non-traditional bunting materials make me chuckle. This taco shell bunting from Grey Grey Designs has got to be part of the college reunion fiesta I’m helping plan.

Taco bunting

Are you really crafty? Get It Scrapped has a tutorial for this stunning dress bunting.

Dress bunting
I hope these give you some ideas of ways to use bunting (or garlands — I’m still confused) at your next event. To see even more, visit my Pinterest board here.



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