I don’t usually post on the weekends. That’s our family time. But today I had to make an exception.

My mom sent me this email tonight. If you have a chance to do this for a mom in your life this Mother’s Day, it may be the best gift they will receive. Love you, mom!

{Mom, holding me, December 1970. Way to rock that fur hat!}

To Jennifer

On Mother’s Day 2012

On this special day I can’t help but reflect on what a good mother you are. You show Meg and Grace your creative, imaginative, inventive side and they have those same traits.

You are intelligent and they are too.  You nurture the best in each of them. They have good friends because they are good friends.  You model that as well. You set an example as a career woman, but also of a mother who is there for her children.  You are showing them possibilities of what they can choose to become.

You put on parties that are the envy of their friends.  You started your own second business and involved them in it.  What a great inspiration you are for Grace and Meg.

I think the girls will inherit your sense of humor, if they haven’t already done so.  Sometimes, humor is the only thing that gets us through the bad days.

You are a model of thinking of others – their teachers, your friends, your extended family.  What a good thing for them to absorb.

Thanks for being my daughter.  I wouldn’t change a thing about you.



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