Guest Party: Peter Pan in Neverland 6th Birthday Party

I found this party in my email while we were at the beach with a spotty internet connection, so I’d been dying to open the file and see the photos. I was not disappointed! Kristina of Modern Frills created this Peter Pan in Neverland party for her daughter Ava Kate’s 6th birthday.

(If you don’t know about Modern Frills, Kristina makes custom embroidered t-shirts for boys and girls. She created the Wizard of Oz shirts my girls wore at their birthday party.)

You’ll love all the homemade touches and especially that Kristina created so many of them with Ava Kate’s help!

I’ll let Kristina tell the story.

“My daughter, Ava Kate, has one love … Peter Pan. She loves to read the book, watch the movie and dress the part. I knew before asking her that a Neverland party was in our future.”

“In planning the party, I wanted Ava Kate to participate. She helped me make the watercolor painted lace crowns. She painted and glittered them for each of her guests.”

“Ava Kate also helped glitter the mini cakes used on the DIY invitations.” {Jennifer here: you can get Kristina’s cake stand design on her t-shirts, too.}

“Another simple DIY from the party was the neon pink striped tablecloth. Taking an inexpensive curtain sheer, Ava and I painted neon pink diagonal stripes using painters tape to set the lines, creating a custom tablecloth for under $5.”

“As guests arrived to the party, they were fancied up with a crown and bubblegum necklace. We transformed a TV room into Neverland. Lights sparkled from the ceiling. Quilts and oversized pillows were thrown about to create a cozy movie watching environment. The girls got to snack on a rainbow of candied popcorn while watching the movie.”

“After the movie, the guests sang Happy Birthday and were treated to a sweets table. The cookies by Callye of Sugarbelle’s were stunning. The birthday girl’s initial was the design on one, while the other cookie featured a cake on a cake stand. Additional sweets included a simple white cake strung with a neon pink tissue fringe cake topper as well as perfectly pink cake pops from Cake Pop Fusion.”

Jennifer here: Kristina also painted these bamboo spoons and created such a charming table setting.

Don’t you love how Kristina etched the vases? I think I’m seeing Starbucks Frappucino bottles. (Put those on your “never throw out” list!)

And here’s the sweet birthday girl, all dolled up in her Modern Frills‘ t-shirt.

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      Hi! I asked Kristina and she said, “I did:) I found a few samples of chalkboard signs on Pinterest. After finding a couple font styles I liked, I played around with it:) They were much easier than I thought they would be.”

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    Looks like a fun party :) . Especially decorating part , I love idea of having b-day girl in charge of creating decor, that makes the whole experience extra special :)

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