If your kids are anything like mine, they love playing superhero. Boy, girl — it doesn’t matter. Mine still love it when I “fly” them while they shout our their super power. Candace of lillypaul designs has the same situation at her house. So as her daughter’s birthday approached, a “Super Grace” party was a no-brainer — a girl’s superhero party!

Candace says, “For the past year our daughter has referred to herself as “Super Grace,” used the kitchen towel as her cape, and ran around the house yelling “Super Grace to the Rescue!”  So we celebrated her in a super way with a bright pink and orange color scheme with touches of lime green kryptonite.” (I love how the placemats are in the shape of superhero capes.)

My local pal Kathy of Tickled Peach Studio created the custom printable package. Candace had a vision of polka dots, chevron stripes, and a Super Grace silhouette complete with pigtails and Kathy ran with that concept.

Each little super hero was given homemade custom capes when they arrived and were kept super busy completing the most important super hero tasks. They decorated their super hero capes, participated in Speed Practice (slip-on-slide) drills and perfected their flying techniques in a bounce house.

After they became official super heros, they had their first mission: capture the villain who stole Grace’s presents! Armed with bottles of stilly string, they took down the bad guy and saved Grace’s party!  (The birthday girl was too upset by the ‘bad guy’ to actually participate — I hope one day she’ll look back on that and laugh!)

Sticking to an all super hero inspired food table, guests enjoyed “Hero Sandwiches,”  “Wonder Dogs,”  “Kryptonite” jello shooters, “Laser Vision” carrot sticks, “Fruit Ka-Pow” kabobs, and various “Wham, Bam, Crunch” salads.  I dressed up the food table with custom food flags and created a Super Grace sunburst poster to add for the backdrop.

Candace took inspiration for the newspaper front page from “I am Momma, Hear Me Roar” and enlisted the help of Andrew of Elevation 9 Photography to create her own Super Grace to the Rescue front page. Candace says, “It is my favorite part of the party décor and will be hung in Grace’s room!  It totally set the stage for the crime fighting dessert table.”

Complete with skyscraper buildings and custom printables, the dessert table was filled with super sweet treats including, “Flying Marshmallows” decked out in capes, “Super Grace Sugar Cookies”, “Super Grace Ropes,” “Kryptonite Krispies,” “Energy Boost Cupcakes,”  and “Super Strength Oreos.”

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