Hi All! Usually Fall is my busiest season, but so far this year, Spring and early Summer are winning. I’m not complaining — just struggling to keep up! So here’s what’s been up with me.

This weekend and LATE on Monday, I crafted 30 Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party favor boxes for a birthday this coming weekend in California. I have the best customers!! I searched and searched for the answer to this question, so here’s the answer: the best medium for priming paper mache boxes is gesso. Whew! Good to know. Best part? You can tint gesso with your final paint color, which means you won’t need as many coats of color.

DFP Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party Favor Boxes WM

I have a new iPhone and I can’t import my contacts. I feel really stupid. There are backup instructions for me to attempt, but I haven’t had time to try yet. (And thanks for helping me choose my phone case, Facebook friends!) Surely I will get this, right?

DFP iPhone WM

Last weekend, the girls were flower girls. Much anxiety! When they were 4, they were flower girls and we had to carry them up the aisle. (OK – you have to picture me with a 4-year-old on one hip, which hiked up my dress halfway up one thigh plus my wedding program, fan and purse. So not pretty.) This time, I know there was a wedding and all, but I honestly just beamed at my brave girls the whole time! So proud of them. We’re off to another wedding this weekend — our second of three this summer. #mustdolaundry

DFP flower girls WM

Speaking of the wedding this weekend, I went shopping with the girls for a dress for me. That was so much fun! They were so Say Yes to the Dress about everything I tried on. They did all my buttons and zippers up the back. I think 8 is going to be a great age with them.

DFP wedding dress WM

This is my favorite party of the week. (OK, I honestly haven’t had a lot of time for social media this week, but this painting party is stunning.) It’s by GATHER Events and was featured by Celebrations at Home — one of my “must follow” blogs.

Celebrations at Home painting party

In other news, I’m loving that summer vacation is here for the girls. We’re been able to seriously relax bedtime, which means I can say “yes” more. Yes to laying down in bed with them at night and reading to them. Yes to a play date at the pool starting at 5 p.m. Yes to letting them play in the yard while I work and watch from my office window. Loving summer.

DFP heading to the pool WM

If you haven’t done this with your girl friends recently — and it had been a long time for our group — go on a moms and kids play date. We took our bunch of boys and girls to the pool this week and had so much fun catching up. Here’s my mom-parrazzi shot. The lifeguard was totally laughing at the six of us moms trying to get this giggly bunch to hold still AND take turns looking at each camera without falling backwards into the pool. The moms needed this play date as much as the kids did. Such a relief to know you’re not the only one who sometimes wants to hit “return to sender” on your kids / husband / in-laws / job.

DFP pool goofballs WM

My next party is a slumber party with owls — so excited about this one! I’m playing with the dessert table set-up in our basement playroom (and doing a big playroom purge).

DFP owl party set up WM

And I’m planning to paint these Pick Your Plum frames to hold the very cute signage from Love the Day. (Don’t know about Pick Your Plum? There’s a link to the daily deal in my sidebar.)

DFP owl party frames WM

Tonight’s big goal is to finish the Strawberry Shortcake custom party plan. Here’s my sketch of the dessert table.

DFP custom party plan WM

And if Summer is putting you in the mood for a tea party, I’ve been busy shopping for hats, feather boas, and tea cups for my Vintage Tea Party Kit.

DFP tea party hats WM

So, if the blog posts are spotty this week, I hope you will forgive and understand where my priority has been 🙂 But give me a follow on Instagram. I think I’ve got it figured out (finally), so I’ll be posting some behind the scenes stuff as I get ready for our next party. Find me there at DoubleTheFun.

DFP instagram

And in the meantime: don’t forget about my Lili DiPrima custom, vintage-style portrait giveaway — it ends tonight!

Lili DiPrimia boy portrait

What have you got going on?

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