[Saturday morning]

It’s prime blog prep time for the working mom. Time to pack up the kiddos and run to Hobby Lobby or the antique store or the grocery store to purchase whatever supplies I need for the blogging week. Time to create the recipe or craft and photograph it before I lose the light, and then edit photos and write up the post after the girls are in bed.

Baby A [coughing]: Mommy, my throat hurts. I don’t want to go shopping.

Me: Hmm. I hope you’re not getting what sissy had last week.

Baby A: Can I stay in my jammies today?

Me: Yup. Let’s get you some water.

Baby A [already working the system]: Can I have a popsicle?

So she’ll feel better on Sunday, and I’ll catch up then. For now, it’s movie time, and I’ll work on something else with her cuddled next to me. Have laptop, will travel.

One movie later, Baby B begins to cough. And moan. And shiver. And sweat.

Baby B: Mommy, can I sit on your lap?

So, work can wait. We apparently have a movie-and-popsicle marathon to attend to, interrupted only by servings of princess soup.

I can now recommend:

  • Shrek the Musical (I would actually watch this without the kids)
  • Cheaper by the Dozen (the 1950 version)
  • Free Birds (funny Braveheart references)
  • The Nut Job (Liam Neeson is an Irish raccoon. Highlight of my day.)

Baby B: Mommy, I’m hot. Now I’m cold. Now I’m hot. Now I’m cold…

Me: I know the medicine tastes bad, but just drink it and then you can have another popsicle.

[Saturday night]

Kids are in bed, now I’ll have some time to work. Except that I’m exhausted from sitting and fetching and temperature taking all day. Maybe it’s best to start fresh tomorrow. Don could sit with the girls while I run out quickly. Oh–I have an idea! And now it’s gone.

[Sunday morning]

Everybody is worse. School on Monday seems highly unlikely. All hope is lost. I can’t even remember the Sunday movies. I only know that all creativity has drained from my body, probably into my butt, which has been planted in the same chair for 48 hours. I wonder if I could shower today? Cereal is a lunch food, right?

Baby A: Mommy, my throat huuuuurts…

Baby B: Mommy, I’m hot. Now I’m cold. Now I’m hot. Now I’m cold…

If I could reach my notebook, I could at least brainstorm or write longhand. Oooh, I can cruise Instagram on my iPhone with one hand, while cuddling Baby B. Hope returns. Baby A is snoring in her chair. Maybe I can get Baby B to sleep. But she can’t sleep. She is too uncomfortable and too unhappy and needs my full attention.

[Sunday night]

No one is going too school in the morning. Wait – it’s Sunday, right? So tomorrow is … Monday? I have officially become stupid. And possibly somewhat ripe. All I can think of is the Seinfeld Soup Nazi, except he’s laughing manically and saying, “No blog for you!” Or maybe that’s me. Time for bed.

Another weekend for blogging gone. No blog for you.

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