Full disclosure: I freaking LOVE the Sharknado series. It is so exquisitely dumb. You don’t have to be interested in sharks or tornadoes, because the movie revels in its dumbness. One of my girls loves sharks and one loves tornados, and I loved Beverly Hills 90210 back in the day, so we’ve watched from the beginning of the series.
Shark party ideas by The Party Teacher
My friends who don’t get it give me the raised eyebrow when they hear that I watch and let the girls watch it. Yes, there is gore, but to a 10-year-old, the idea of falling from a helicopter into a shark, then being rescued by someone who dives into the same shark with a chain saw and cuts his way out to save the victim … well, they get that it’s not real.

So we’ll be watching on Wednesday night, and that’s why I’m recapping my Shark Week ideas from last year. It’s not too late to use any of these free shark printables or whip up my shark chum Jell-O. (Oh come on: you know you want to serve it.)

Click here for 10 Free Shark Printables.
10 free shark printables by Double the Fun Parties

Click here for Shark Surprise Balls — they are great party favors.
Easy party favor - Shark Favor Ball by Double the Fun Parties

Click here for Shark Fin Soda Bottles.
Love this - so easy! Shark Week Soda by Double the Fun Parties

Click here for Shark Tooth Rice Krispies Treats.
Makes up so quick! Shark Tooth Rice Krispies Treats by Double the Fun Parties

Click here for my favorite: Shark Chum Jell-O!
Shark chum Jell-O by Double the Fun Parties

I’ll be live-tweeting Sharknado 3. (Yes, I know. But come on! I can’t stop myself. You never know when Tara Reid will lose an arm, then escape from the hospital the next day in full make-up and accessories.) If you’re not following me on Twitter: tune in at https://twitter.com/ThePartyTeacher.
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