So even though my graduation party is not a Kentucky Derby party, it is definitely Kentucky Derby inspired. I thought I’d bring you the tutorials just in time for this weekend’s derby.

Mini Loving Cup Floral Arrangements



1 – Turn the loving cup over and press it cup side down into your floral foam.

The foam will completely fill the cup.

2 -Snip off the leaf stems, leaving roughly 2 inches of stem on each section of leaf. Arrange the leaves around the perimeter of the foam.

3 – Snip off the rose stems, leaving about two inches of stem. Insert the first rose in the center of the foam.

4 – Add more roses and/or leaves until you achieve the fullness you like.

And here’s a finished loving cup. I put one at each place setting.

Horse Centerpiece


  • Any size toy horse. I used one sized for an 18-inch doll.
  • Mini faux roses
  • Needle and thread
  • Tray for the horse to stand on (optional)
  • Extra faux flowers for around the tray (optional)


1 – Snip the rose heads off the stems.

2 – Run the thread through your first rose end. Leave extra thread at the end for knotting.

3 – Loosely string together as many rose heads as you need to create a necklace for your horse. You want the roses touching for a full look, but not crammed up next to each other.

4 – Test your length by draping the necklace around the horse’s neck. Then, cut your string and knot your two necklace ends together.

Here is the finished horse centerpiece. I decided to ground him a little more by placing him on a painted tray and draping more roses around the edges of the tray.

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