Tutorial: “Bloody” Halloween Napkins

20140922_DTF_Zombie-day_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-3782 300x300

Welcome to the third tutorial for my Zombie Princess Party! Don’t miss the super-easy how-tos for the zombie soda bottles and Princess Creepy Teeth, our dining table centerpiece. Today, I’m showing you how to make “bloody” napkins. Do zombies technically bleed? I’ll admit: I didn’t do a lot — well, any — research into zombie […]

Tutorial: Zombie Princess Soda Bottles

Zombie Princess Party Soda Bottles by Double the Fun Parties 300x300

I didn’t have party printables for the Zombie Princess Party. (This sometimes happens when you dream up a wacky theme.) So that meant it was up to me to get creative with the decorative details. This week, I’ll share with you tutorials for my Zombie Princess Soda Bottles, the “bloody” hand print napkins, and Princess […]

So You Want to Hire a Party Planner {Here’s What They Secretly Want You to Know}

So you want to hire a party planner Here's what they wished you knew  Double the Fun Parties 300x300

Back in August, I was preparing for an interview, not really knowing what I’d be asked. I was brainstorming questions about party planning so I could jot down some answers. And then I had a horrible thought: “What if she asks me about being hired as a party planner…” Because — yikes — that’s not […]