Moms Say

Without a doubt, I have the nicest customers ever. Here is what some of them have shared about working with Double the Fun Parties.

Classy, enjoyable, and successful!

Beverly really loved the lunch and the party! Thanks for all the work that you did to help create a really great surprise birthday party for her. I know that it took a lot of time and a lot of effort to end up making the lunch and party classy, enjoyable and successful. You do have great decorating skills!! You did a GREAT job!

Ray, writing about my Bee Party

Just wonderful in every way!

I can never thank you enough for all that you did to make my 60th birthday the most special one ever. My party was beautiful and just wonderful in every way. I felt so loved and honored …. The planning and execution of such a day was in itself a real act of love, and I appreciate every bit of it. Jennifer, the amount of thought and detail that was given by you to the party still continues to amaze me. Thanks again for making my special day so memorable!!

Beverly, writing about my Bee Party

It is fabulous!

I got everything and it is fabulous! I love the details. I am totally thrilled and busy working on my rendition of the party! Thank you so much for your quick responses and for putting together such a wonderful plan! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tonya, emailing about my Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party Kit

Can’t thank you enough!

Oh my goodness!!! I just received the box!!! I can’t thank you enough!! My kids are going to love this!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

—Tara, emailing about my Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party Kit

We really love the chair covers!

Just received the chair covers and they fit perfectly! Thanks so much for working with me even through all the crazy measurements. They were definitely worth it for me! We really love the chair covers and I have gotten several compliments. I always send them your way! :)

—Katie, emailing about my Chair Covers

Jennifer to the rescue!

What I still owe you is a big thank you. Andrea was so happy with her party. She wanted a slumber party for her birthday and I fought it because I just didn’t have any idea of how to make it special but still keep to a budget. Then, Jennifer to the rescue. You listened to me and, even more importantly, listened to Andrea. She loved it and knew she had you to thank. I would never have done a party in my home without you. I hope we are able to work on something together for Andrea in the future. It will be difficult to top it but I know you can do it.

—Elizabeth, emailing about my Custom Party Plans

I don’t feel alone with you!

The plan is more than helpful … I don’t feel alone with you. Thank you a million times over for your help! I have enjoyed working with you and I will definitely use you again.

—Gwennetta, emailing about my Custom Party Plans

It is amazing!

Oh wow! It is amazing! Thanks so much.

—Julie, emailing about my Wizard of Oz Party Plan

Every detail was thought of!!

Thoroughly impressed with the thoughtfulness and organization that was put into this party plan! Every detail was thought of and a complete plan of action was put forth. I truly appreciate the budget friendly ideas you offered as alternatives. Thank you!

—Jamie, emailing about my Mystery Party Plan

Her expertise was INVALUABLE!

Jen created a custom party plan for my daughter’s first birthday party, and her expertise was INVALUABLE. I saved time, I saved money, I saved major headaches, and the party was a big hit! It was worth every penny and then some! From now on, I will rely on Jen to make all my children’s birthday parties extra amazing!

— Angie, emailing about my Custom Party Plans

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