Wish you could plan your party with expert help?

Plan your next party with me in The Party Classroom.

Do you ever feel alone when you’re planning a party?

After all, you’re not a party professional (even if you might daydream about becoming one). Of course you have questions. Of course you wonder if you’re doing things “right.” Of course it would be a relief to have some step-by-step guidance.

There’s no reason to go it alone.

And really, how much more fun would it be to share your party planning with someone who “gets” it? (Unlike, maybe, your hubby? Wink.) If you felt confident along the way that you were taking the right action steps at the right time and making choices that were right for your party … wouldn’t planning your party be sooo much easier?

That’s what you’ll get in The Party Classroom.

Hi, I’m Jennifer.

I’m Jennifer Needham, founder of The Party Teacher. I’ve helped hundreds of moms plan their children’s birthday parties. I am an Atlanta-based wife and mom of twin girls. Since 2011, I’ve been making it easier for moms to create parties their kids declare “the best ever!”

But before all that, I was a mom just like you, reading party blog posts and wondering, “But HOW did she do that?” I figured it out, and now I want to share everything I’ve taught myself along the way. As I was planning my daughters’ first parties, I always wished there was someone I could run my questions by. That’s how the idea for The Party Classroom was born, and now I get to be that expert for you.

Let’s save you time, save you stress, and double the fun you have planning your next party.

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Sometimes, your party planning feels stuck.

You DON’T want your party to be a #PinterestFail and DO want your party to be special and memorable and a ton of fun for your kids.

You may see stunning parties online and think you couldn’t create a party like that. Or that you don’t have the time or the budget a “wow” party must require. You want to try, but you’re not sure where to start.

Those are the kind of thoughts that get you stuck.

The thing is…

there is a way to make every party come to life – even if you’re short on ideas or decisions or time or budget.

If you’re short on ideas… I’ll kick start that for you with a custom Pinterest board I’ll create for your party.

If you’re short on decisions… because you’re overwhelmed, I’ll help you narrow down your focus.

If you’re short on time… then what you need is personalized advice. We can cut out what you don’t need, and focus on what’s realistic given your time frame. Together, we’ll get you to a finished party faster because you’re not trying to do it all by yourself.

If you’re short on budget… then you need to be sure you’re spending every dollar wisely. That’s one of the reasons I created The Party Classroom – to give every mom access to affordable, professional advice that meets her personal circumstances.

What Is The Party Classroom?
Your new party-planning hub.

The Party Classroom is a subscription-based Facebook group where you get my PERSONAL party planning advice.

I’ll help you …

  • Plan your next party, step-by-step
  • Answer your questions
  • Share my best ideas for your party

Plus, you get these bonuses!

Keep your plan on track

Personalized weekly assignments that get you to a finished party, step by easy step.
Private Pinterest boards
My pins for your parties on our members-only Pinterest boards. I’ll create a secret board for your theme and we’ll pin to it together.
Pro tips just for you
Exclusive weekly party planning tips that I share only in The Party Clasrrom.
Steals and deals
Heads up on party shopping deals and coupon codes.
And you get…
Birthday Party 101

When you join The Party Classroom, I’ll send you my Birthday Party 101 eBook — chock full of my planning instructions, tips and worksheets.

Normally, a $24 value.

So why join?
I’ll make planning your next party way easier.

Everything is easier when someone shows you how, right?
That’s exactly what The Party Classroom does.

One-on-one advice so you don’t have to plan your party alone.

Kiss party overwhelm goodbye.
Fit party planning into your schedule.
Get personal support when you’re stuck.
Create a party that works for your budget.
Plan your party on the go, from your phone.
Put pro party planning tricks to work for you.
Stop overspending on your party.
Find your creative side and the right amount of DIY.
When you join The Party Classroom
It’s like having a party planner on call.

I’ll walk you through the steps to planning each party. And, of course, you can ask me any questions you have as they pop up. Plan as many events as you like — not just birthday parties. We’ll party all year long, with all of the fun and none of the stress.

Here’s what moms say about The Party Classroom.

“Just so you know, I think you’re awesome! Thank you for everything. You always go above and beyond.”


“What I still owe you is a big thank you. Andrea was so happy with her party. She wanted a slumber party for her birthday and I fought it because I just didn’t have any idea of how to make it special but still keep to a budget. Then, Jennifer to the rescue. You listened to me and, even more importantly, listened to Andrea. She loved it and had you to thank.”


100% Risk-Free Trial

I want you to love being a member of The Party Classroom. Try it free for two weeks. If it doesn’t help you plan your next party, cancel your subscription anytime and keep Birthday Party 101 as my gift to you.

Make party planning fun again.