Plan the best birthday party ever in just minutes a day.

I’ll teach you how in The Party Course.

Does party planning start out like this for you?

You’re browsing Pinterest and Instagram and getting so excited about this year’s party!

But then the doubts creep in…

  • You have so many ideas, you’re not sure where to start.
  • Can you really DIY all these crafts and handle all the baking?
  • Will it look pulled together and professional or just lame?
  • What is a “have to do” and what’s a “nice to do”?
  • How much will it all cost?
  • Is it even possible to get your house “party-ready” in time?

Pretty soon, you’ve moved from excited to insecure, a little frantic, and very overwhelmed.

Of course you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on the wrong choices and be disappointed in the final result.

But if you’re not a professional event planner, how do you create an event that looks great and shows all your guests an amazing time?

What if, instead of feeling all that worry, party planning were actually … fun?

After all, it’s a PARTY you’re planning!

When you’re planning a party, wouldn’t you rather feel …

  • Energized as you discover how creative you really are?
  • Confident in your hostess skills?
  • Proud of an event that wows your guests?
  • Amazed by how easy this party was to pull off?
  • Thrilled when your child has a blast at the party you planned?

The Party Course makes party planning fun again.

Hi, I’m Jennifer.

I’m Jennifer Needham, founder of The Party Teacher. I’ve helped hundreds of moms plan their children’s birthday parties. I am an Atlanta-based wife and mom of twin girls. Since 2011, I’ve been making it easier for moms to create parties their kids declare “the best ever!”

Before my daughters’ first birthday party, I did what thousands of moms do: I drove to the party store. I walked around and around, and left with a pack of paper plates and napkins, and a lot of disappointment. There was really almost nothing appealing in the store, and the design I settled on was not inspiring me. At all.

It took a few years of teaching myself everything I didn’t know that day in the party store, but by my daughters’ third birthday, guests were saying that I should be a party planner. I finally decided that my friends might be on to something.

Now, I’ve packaged everything I’ve taught myself into The Party Course, so you can plan the best birthday party ever.

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What is standing in between you and your ideal party?

Maybe you’re here because you’ve never thrown a party, and you want to start out right, but you’re nervous about making the wrong choices.

Or maybe you’re here because you HAVE thrown a party, but it just didn’t turn out the way you imagined.

Or, maybe you’re here because you’ve got the party bug and you want to up your game.

When I talk to moms, there are six reasons I hear over and over about where they get hung-up on their party planning:

  1. It’s too overwhelming to even start. I feel lost.
  2. I’m not creative or crafty enough.
  3. I’ve bought some stuff, but I’m not sure about any of it.
  4. I don’t have the budget required for an impressive party.
  5. I don’t have time to pull this off.
  6. The house is a wreck, so I can’t possibly have a party at home.

Any of those ring true for you? Then know that you are NORMAL and you are NOT ALONE. I know, because I was there too, in 2006, when I was wandering around the party store, feeling lost. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What Is The Party Course?

It’s how to plan your next party.

Together, we’re going to plan your next event, step by step, in just minutes a day, during this four-week online course.

At the end, you’ll have a fully planned party — and, you’ll have the skills and secret sauce for planning all your future parties!

What do you get in The Party Course?

Week 1: Plan

Week 2: Shop

Week 3: Style

Week 4: Party


  • Choose a theme
  • Prioritize your spending
  • Make a budget
  • Choose your guest list
  • Select a date, place and time
  • Brainstorm the look and fun
  • Plan games and activities


  • Use Pinterest the right way
  • Pick your party favors
  • Shop smart
  • Build your serving pieces collection
  • Choose a party style
  • Spend only when it’s worth it


  • How to print and trim printables
  • Choose your dessert table menu
  • Arrange your sweets
  • Style your dessert table
  • Add a party backdrop
  • Style your dining tables
  • Create centerpieces


  •  Issue invitations
  •  Guarantee RSVPs
  •  Party manners
  •  Choose drop off or not
  •  Write thank you notes

And, you get bonus content!

My exclusive cheat sheets:
  • My 8 essential party planning worksheets
  • Party theme ideas
  • Party game ideas
  • My favorite party shops
  • Must-have crafting tools
  • My party-day emergency bag
  • Day of the party schedule
Extra credit lessons:
  • Hosting at a party venue
  • Finding party rentals and booking entertainment
  • Mastering outdoor parties
  • Tips for surviving sleepovers
  • Faking floral arrangements


Just do the homework for each lesson, and you’ll have a fully planned party by the end of the course.

Could you just teach yourself, the way I did?

You can do it yourself – I know, because that’s how I learned. But consider that it’s taken me 12 years of party planning to feel that I was expert enough to bring you this course.

Wouldn’t you like to shorten your learning curve and jump right to the part where you’re hosting amazing parties?

But what if I don’t have enough time?

If you’re already short on party planning time, adding one more thing to your list may feel like the opposite of what you need to do.

But, here’s what I’ve learned about taking highly-actionable courses: they give me focus. Once I’ve made the investment, I want to work through the material. The structure of the course and the homework assignments ensure that I’m working toward my goal.

The same is true of The Party Course. Yes, you will spend a few extra minutes each day watching the lessons and doing your homework. But the end result is that your party is planned, so in making time for the course, you’ve accomplished the goal you didn’t think you had time for. Win win.

Here’s what moms say about The Party Teacher.

“Well, you’ve done it again! You made me look like a party genius!”


mom of two

“Jen’s expertise was INVALUABLE. I saved time, I saved money, I saved major headaches, and the party was a big hit! It was worth every penny and then some!”


mom of four

“You solved my problem. You rock!”


mom of three

Who is The Party Course right for?

If you want to:

  • Save time and money planning your next party
  • Choose the party ideas with the most impact
  • Learn how to prevent — and recover from — a party fail
  • Work with party printables
  • Plan your own dessert tables, candy bars and party menus
  • Build your serving pieces collection in a budget-sensible way
  • Plan super-fun activities
  • Run your party on schedule
  • Discover what 9 essential party tools you must have
  • Host a party anywhere — at home, outdoors or at a venue

If you know what you want, but not how to get there, The Party Course is right for you.

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