I tend to let Christmas break sneak up on me. I get so busy with all the stuff that has to be accomplished in time for Christmas, that I forget to plan some activities ahead of time for the girls. So this year, I’m choosing some fun crafts and baking ideas early so I can have all the supplies on hand for when the girls say “We’re bored. Can we watch TV?”

Things to do with the kids over Christmas break by Double the Fun Parties

If you want to plan ahead too, here are my favorite ideas from Pinterest. And for even more ideas, check out my Christmas Break Fun Jar post.

Here’s what we’re planning for this break:

  • Sort through older books and toys to donate.
  • Make art for the girls’ room. I’ll buy canvas and we’ll just use my stash of acrylic paints.
  • Shop for curtain and pillow fabric for their room.
  • Brainstorm plans for their birthday party.
  • Schedule a play date with a favorite friend who goes to another school.
  • Decorate a gingerbread house (actually, a train this year).
  • Visit one of the downtown museums.
  • If the weather stays mild, we may try to paint a piece of Goodwill furniture.
  • Decorate bulletin boards for displaying the girls’ art and treasures.
  • Pick a special treat and go to the grocery store. (I know that sounds crazy, but the girls think Kroger-ing is big fun.)
  • Have a mommy-daughter lunch date at the tea room.
  • Visit the Pink Pig. (It’s an Atlanta tradition; a train in the shape of a pig on top of the Macy’s. That probably doesn’t make any sense if you’re not from here.)
  • Have a living room picnic / movie day.
  • Make reindeer food.
  • Put on jammies and drive around to see the Christmas lights after Christmas Eve services.
  • Make hot cocoa mix.

Gingerbread Play-doh by Sugarbelle

There are a lot of Playdoh recipes out there, but this is the first seasonally scented recipe I’ve seen. The packaging is cute and including a cookie cuter would be great for Meg and Grace because they always “bake” with their Playdoh anyway. I also love the idea that the kids can help make the Play-doh. They could even decorate the packaging and give it as gifts to their friends.

Sugarbelle gingerbread playdoh

Pretzel Treats by House on Hilltop
My sister-in-law makes these annually and they are simply addictive. I blame one pound a year directly on these little guys. But here’s what I like about them: I know I can make these with the girls. They can unwrap Hershey Kisses and place them on pretzels and they can press the M&Ms on top of the softened Kisses. The pretzels won’t get so hot in the oven that I have to worry about burns, so I’m declaring this the perfect treat for kids to help make.

House on Hilltop pretzel kisses

Coffee Filter Snowflakes by Mom.me

I tried to show Meg and Grace how to make snowflakes last year, and realized I had totally forgotten the technique. I finally figured it out, but using coffee filters is genius.

Mom dot me coffee filter snowflakes

Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments by Nest of Posies

There are lots of handprint and footprint crafts involving paint, but this ornament appeals to me because of its permanence. Great way to capture chubby toddler handprints. Think how much your children’s children will love putting their hands into Mommy’s or Daddy’s.

hand+print+ornaments by nest of posies

Advent Activities Countdown Box by I Heart Organizing

Finally, I found this Christmas Countdown idea that includes a family activity for each day. Even if you don’t make the box — which would be another fun project with kids — you could use these activity ideas.


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