About two weeks ago, my parents had to put down their sweet basset hound, Leta. She suddenly went blind and they discovered she had cancer of the spleen that had spread. (I promise I’m getting to the party!) They were so sad to lose her so suddenly, and realized that the right choice for them was to quickly find a new companion. So this Saturday, they adopted a rescue dog — a 3-month-old beagle mix, Mia. (Here she is!)

Mia is remarkably calm for a puppy. Except that she loves to lick your ears. Which tickles. The girls and I went to meet Mia on Sunday and we decided to surprise mom and dad (and Mia!) with a mini party.

Lucky for us, Heather of Chickabug is a rescue dog lover and has designed party printables just for a doggie adoption bash! She kindly agreed to let me feature them here. (You’ll have to excuse my photos. It was a gloomy day and they all look gray. 🙁 I wish they did Heather’s designs justice.)

The best thing about this little party may be that I spent just $24.54 on cupcakes, dog biscuits and the two dog toys. In and out of Target in 15 minutes, baby! Everything else came from my stash at home.

Any excuse for polka dots!

My mom was thrilled with the surprise party! She especially loved the Certificate of Adoption.

I’m sure there are any number of ways to use these party circles, but I have a Pavlovian response to them. I see party circles and immediately want to eat cupcakes.

The treat tags on the pink bags were designed for the adopted dog to share treats with his/her new friends, but the girls and I used them to each give Mia a little gift of dog treats.

These puppy toys are from Target — and how perfect is it that hot pink toys are available?

It’s official!

So as you can see, Mia liked her gifts!

Here are the printables collections from Chickabug in pink and blue. You can download them from her blog. How cute are they?

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Printables: Chickabug

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