One day in late summer, I was on my way to Goodwill (of course) and found myself behind an SUV with a sign advertising cake pops. Since the business name was Cake Pops by Jen, I was actually able to remember it until I got back to my computer (although I did keep saying “.net,” “.net,” “.net” to myself).

I immediately booked Jennifer to create the cake pops for our UGA opening game day dessert table. Now, I’ve made cake pops before — OK, brownie pops, because they are easier. They were a hit, but they were not beautiful. They were all different sizes, the candy coating was uneven … fortunately, the kids on our block didn’t care. But, I knew that without a lot of practice, cake pops were not going to be part of my skill set.

So as you can see, Jen creates a yummy, perfect looking cake pop. (The flavor got rave reviews from my family.) I asked Jen to share some tips with you about what makes a great cake pop.

Is your cake pop business a full-time job?

No. I am a stay at home mom of two who decided to do this as a hobby and it turns out other people think I am pretty good at it and they are willing to pay me!!! I love making them, decorating them and seeing people’s reactions when they eat them.

How did you learn to make cake pops?

I was researching Hello Kitty “cookies” for my niece’s birthday last February and came across Hello Kitty “cake pops” and I thought…”I can do that”….and so it began. I have always been “crafty” and this is just another fun outlet.

What tricks can you share for making cake pops?

My best tip for making cake pops is NEVER freeze them…this will cause them to crack!!

Which is your favorite cake pop that you’ve made?

My favorite cake pop so far is the “Diet coke” cans….I really love how they turned out and were very easy to do but look like they took a lot of time.

Do you have a most-requested cake pop design?

My most requested design by far has been Angry Birds!!! I am doing my seventh batch this weekend…..Very popular!!

Do you come up with your own designs or do customers come to you with their own ideas?

As far as who comes up with ideas, me or the customer? Both…The customer tells me the “theme” and I come up with a couple of different ideas and how to enhance the design. It is very much like a consultation…I love my “job”!!!

Do you make other treats besides cake pops?

I also make S’mores Pops, which are marshmallows dipped in chocolate and covered in crushed graham crackers. These are delicious! And I offer Rocky Road, Oreo and Butterfinger pops.

DFP here — Jen is trying to reach 100 fans on Facebook. Once she does, she’ll draw a name via and someone could win one dozen cake pops. It could be you! Cake Pops by Jen delivers locally in the north metro Atlanta area, but doesn’t currently ship. (Maybe we can change her mind!) She WILL ship to the winner, though. Good luck!

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