I’ve decided to have our St. Patrick’s Day party in a room where the sideboard has six framed illustrations hanging above it. Since I didn’t want to take those all down, and needed an easy, quick and cheap way to create a backdrop, I decided to “recover” the frames. You could do this for any holiday.

Frames into backdrop 2 by Double the Fun Parties

Here’s how the wall looks normally. (So I have to pause here and tell you that I scored these illustrations of my college for a buck each at our last reunion. They are matted with toile that I found on clearance. And to pay for the framing, we traded in a print of my husband’s, so these six custom frames and art cost less than $15. OK, I’m done tooting my own horn now.)


Scrapbooking paper

Paper trimmer

Removable double sided tape

Embellishment (I used St. Patrick’s Day window clings)


1. Decide how much of your frame you want to cover. I decided to cover just beyond the filet. That meant I could use an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of scrapbooking paper. Just hold your paper against your frame and mark where you need to trim it vertically and horizontally.

2. Trim your paper along your marks.

3. Use the first paper you trim to mark and trim the next pieces so they will all be uniform.

4. I bought window clings at Party City to decorate my background papers. This gave me pre-cut images in a variety of colors and sizes.

5. Decide how you want to arrange the papers and the images.

6. Use scrapbooking adhesive or double sided tape to attach the image to your papers.

7. Use removable double-stick tape to attach the papers to the glass on your frames. Do make sure the tape is the removable type and not the permanent tape.




When your party is over, simply peel the tape off your frames.

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