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I’ve been looking for a reason to try washi tape for a while now, and the flower fairy party we’re planning has given me a chance. I’m planning a scavenger hunt for the guests to find fairy dust necklaces (tutorial here). But since the vials are glass, I thought maybe the necklaces needed a little packaging and I created washi tape party favor boxes to hold the necklaces.

Matchbox makeover by Double the Fun Parties

When I was sealing the ends of my nylon necklace cord, I realized the match boxes would be the perfect size. But they did need to be prettier. Enter washi tape! If you haven’t run across this before, washi tape is decorative Japanese masking tape.



1. Spray paint the inside and outside of your matchboxes. This took me about about three coats.

2. When completely dry, wrap either end of the outer box with the thin white washi tape.

3. Wrap the center of the outer box with the wider washi tape.

And here’s your perfect-sized fairy dust necklace gift box.

This was just an easy and fast project. The washi tape is easy to work with. The tack is strong enough to adhere to your materials, but not so strong that it sticks to itself. It’s easy to rip, or you can cut it without gumming up your scissors.

The tape is somewhat transparent, which is why I used the base coat of paint. I think the transparency could be fun, depending on the surface. It would look good on a glass vase or bottle.

For even more ideas on how to use washi tape, visit my Pinterest board where I’m collecting some of my favorite tape crafts. (I’ll spotlight some of my favorite projects tomorrow.)

Ready to try it yourself?

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