Yesterday, I shared with you our Wizard of Oz party and today, I want to show you how you can recreate the party by following my easy party plan! This 50+ page Wizard of Oz Party Plan is available in my shop for instant download. So if you want to throw a Wizard of Oz party, but don’t know where to start, now you do!


Your guests will:
  • Eat Wizard of Oz-themed desserts
  • Enjoy the Lollipop Guild Candy Shop
  • Make Tin Man keepsakes
  • Stuff the Scarecrow
  • Make rainbow necklaces
  • Have Professor Marvel tell their fortune
  • Pose as their favorite character in a photo booth
  • Take home their own framed request for the Wizard of Oz
  • Melt the Wicked Witch
You will receive a 50+ page downloadable PDF – full of beautiful color photos – with every how-to party detail. You can make the party as simple or as elaborate as you choose (and as your budget allows).
Your party plan includes so much!

Shopping Resources

  • Budget estimator (and ideas for ways to lower your spending)
  • Shopping list (and links to our vendors)

 Planning Aids

  • Advice on picking the party location, day and time
  • Recommendation for invitations and party papers
  • Step-by-step guide on how to prepare for your party
  • Day of the party schedule

 Decorating Tips

  • Decorating plans for your dessert table, candy bar, dining room and activity space
  • Advice on creating tablescapes
  • Yellow brick road pattern printable

 Food, Drink and Cake

  • Recommendations for your cake, desserts, candy and punch


  • Guide for all your activities and crafts
  • Recommendations for indoor and outside activities and games
  • How-tos for making your Tin Man keepsake (plus a hat template)
  • How-tos for creating a photo booth (and link to shopping for props)
  • How-tos for creating a Professor Marvel fortune telling station
  • How-tos for creating a rainbow necklace beading station
  • How-tos for making “I would ask the Wizard for ___” frames
  • How-tos and movie quotes for playing “Who Said It?”
  • How-tos and name tags for playing “Who Am I?”
  • How-tos (and shopping resources) for creating a Lollipop Guild Candy Shop
  • Tips for piñata success


  • Tutorial for creating your own tornado/Dorothy’s house centerpiece
  • Tutorial for creating Wizard of Oz picture frames
  • Tutorial for making tin can/poppy decorations
  • Tutorial for making a gingham bow wreath
  • Tutorial for creating envelope wraps
  • Tutorial for making a water bucket (to melt the Witch, of course!)


  • Recommendations for favors
  • Recommendations for packaging your favors

Thank you so much for your support of my parties! I work really hard to create detailed, thorough and beautiful party plans. I’d love for one of my plans to help you host your next party. And if you purchase one of my plans, please send me your party photos — I’d love to see how it went!

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