The girls have already announced they want a surf girl party for their eighth birthday. (To be clear, that’s eight months away – let’s see if they change their minds!) But, since surf-theme decor may be harder to find in the winter, I’ve been doing a little shopping. Once I had the idea for this wreath, I couldn’t wait to make it and share the steps with you.

This is really easy, cheap, and the only skills required are operating a glue gun without burning your finger tips. (Which I cannot do.)

Supplies Needed

Pool noodle

3/8th inch wooden dowel

Hot glue gun

Duct tape

Beach towel

Surf sign (I found this at Dollar Tree)

Wood number

Acrylic craft paint

Foam brush

Starfish (2)

Glue dot


1 – Paint your wooden number with acrylic craft paint. Use two or three coats.

2 – Follow the instructions from The Art of Doing Stuff to turn a pool noodle into a wreath. My pool noodle came from Dollar Tree, so even after the cost of the dowels, it was cheaper than a styrofoam wreath. I secured the ends with duct tape.

3 – I chose a striped beach towel to make cutting strips easier. This did not require the entire towel.

4 – Put a line of hot glue on the wreath, and wrap the towel strips around the wreath. Slightly overlap the strips as you go. When you get to the end of a towel strip, glue it down. Overlap the next strip. The hot glue dries quickly, so you can probably only get five wraps done at a time. Also, don’t touch the glue gun to the foam because it will melt.

5 – Hot glue the sign to the bottom of the wreath at an angle.

6 – Hot glue one starfish to the towel. Hot glue the number to the starfish and the sign. Layer the second starfish over the number and hot glue in place.

7 – With another strip of towel, make a bow around your wreath hanger. Secure it in place with a glue dot.

8 – And here’s your finished wreath.

If you try this project, I’ve love to see your version! I think it could be cute for a surf party, beach party or pool party.

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