I have three ideas for you today about dressing up a party with cupcake liner crafts. They are all super-easy. If you’re like me, you have lots of leftover cupcake liners on hand, and these are some ways to put them to use.

Cupcake Liner Party Crafts by Double the Fun Parties

1 – Add a flower.

I painted some bird houses and glued them to mini cupcake stands that I made for our Vintage Tea Party. But they needed some dressing up. Some will have birds; others will have butterflies, but this one gets a cupcake liner flower.

Take three mini cupcake liners, stack them together and fold them in half. Then z-fold them as many times as you can. Pinch the ends together and gently pull apart the liners. Hot glue the pinched end to the bird house. (Tutorial at the end of this post.)

2 – Top a gumball pipette.

Fill your pipette and insert the cap. Add a glue dot to the cap and top it with a cupcake liner. Fold the cupcake liner down around the pipette. Wrap baker’s twine around the liner several times and knot it. Add a thank you tag, if you like.

Gumballs and pipettes: Polka Dot Market

3 – Finish off a party hat.

Using the same flower technique that I used on the bird house, add hot glue to the pinched end of the flower. Wiggle the pinched end into the hole at the top of the hat.


1. Stack three cupcake liners together and fold them in half.

2. Z-fold them as many times as you can.

3. Pinch the bottom of the liners together and gently pull apart the liners.

Here’s the pinched bottom. After you’ve pulled all your liners apart, you may want to scrunch them all up again for extra texture, and then separate them again.

And here’s your finished cupcake flower!

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