Happy Fourth of July!

I hope you will able to spend the day with your family, enjoying a parade and some fireworks, weather permitting. Maybe when you are back home, you can take some inspiration from this real party by Party Like Paula – a family Fourth in the country.

I love this party because it combines a charming setting with a real family event. It’s special but simple and totally do-able all at the same time.

Paula says, “July 3rd [of 2011] we went to my grandmother’s small country church in rural Missouri to have my youngest son baptized. My parents were married in this church, my grandma, oldest son, and cousin were all baptized in this church as well, so it is full of memories for my family.”

Paula set up a dining table in the middle of a wheat field, just for inspiration. Her family didn’t eat here, but how lovely is this setting? (I’m guessing wheat is ticklish.)

Down the center of the table, Paula arranged American flags in glass vases filled with rice. And she passes along this tip from Stacy over at Lizard & Ladybug: dye some of your rice red and blue and layer it with the white rice. What a fab idea: cheap and easy … I’m thinking Halloween might be the time to try this myself. Paula left her rice white (time constraints — been there), but it still gets the job done and looks great.

The table is draped with fabric from Jo-Anns and Paula used a flower to set-off each napkin.

This little dessert table is just a bookcase — so smart to use what you have. Paula envisioned it as a fireworks stand and all the desserts have a fireworks theme.

“Firecookies” are iced sugar cookies in a star shape.

These “rockets” are made from left-over plastic Easter eggs and filled with Starbursts.

Next up were “SNAPS”. You know those white little balls you throw at the ground and make a snap sound? These are white chocolate covered popcorn. (Paula even made the tags!)

Paula placed third in a tutorial contest and her prize was a dozen cookies from Candy & Cake. Candace sent over a dozen red polka dot chocolate covered Oreos.

Candy dipped pretzels became “sparklers” and Tootsie Rolls are “Black Cats” — fun with food tags… it always adds a lot to a party.

Paula also made “Smoke Bombs” (chocolate covered donuts with a licorice fuse)!

Great job, Paula!

Vendor Credits

Party styling and photography: Party Like Paula

Chocolate covered Oreos: Candy & Cakes

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