We only have three more weeks of summer and each weekend is half booked. Crazy. I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone and that my babies will soon be second graders. But summer is not over and the girls still have some big plans in mind. The other day, Meg said, “We need a Summer Fun Jar like our Christmas Fun Jar.” I swear, these two are like living with a walking, talking Pinterest board.

I was trying to make dinner when this brainstorm hit Meg, so I said, “Great idea! Why don’t you two write down everything you want to do?” I’m going to surprise them with this Summer Fun Jar.

Here are their lists, complete with seven-year-old spelling.

  1. Make edibol playdo
  2. Play dress up and have a fashon show
  3. Watch movies
  4. Play outside
  5. Cook spittle [special] treats
  6. Make snow cones
  7. Panint
  8. Draw all day
  9. Opsitday [Grace means “Opposite Day.” The day begins with dessert and ends with breakfast for dinner and going to bed in their clothes. This started as a way to get them to pick up their mess first thing on a weekend morning. It works great!]
  10. Ice cream Sunday
  11. Go to the pool
  12. Go to the park
  13. Have a sleepover
  14. Whare mommys clooes [clothes] day
  15. Harie day [hair-do day]
  16. Pant nails, me panit my nails, Meg paint her nails, you paint yoar nails [Notice three different spellings of “paint”?]
  17. Stay in are jamesys [jammies] all day
  18. Make cake pops
  19. Make cake
  20. Make cupcakes
  21. Make cookies
  22. Make ice cream [Anyone noticing a theme in 18 – 22?]
  23. Go to disney world. [Yikes. Anyone have an extra $5,000 laying around?]
  24. Catch fireflies
  25. Make chalk paint
  26. Shop for school stuff
To make our summer fun jar, I used editable labels from Better Homes & Gardens. You can find a huge selection here. The girls were pretty excited to see their ideas in the fun jar this morning.

Here are a few more ideas for you.

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101 summer activitiesAnd last but not least, Digital Reflection’s 100 FREE things-to-do ideas. (Maybe focusing on free ideas will get us to Disney!)

100 free things summer

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