Today, I’m spotlighting a simple alien life dessert table backdrop and decorations that put the “little green man” in this party.

{If you missed yesterday’s post, be sure to check out my Alien Life banner tutorial. I’m working on this dessert table based on what I have in the house. So far, I’ve spent less than $6 on supplies. I think I’m going through Etsy shopping withdrawal, but it is fun to make everything myself.}

Flying Saucer Cupcake Stand

The concept for this dessert table is inspired by 1950s and 60s Hollywood B-movies about aliens — the kind with the super cheesy, homemade-looking special effects. That means I can use E6000 glue to adhere two disposable pie tins together and they look right at home as a flying saucer.

Food and Thank You Tags

I made a new discovery tonight. Maybe you already have figured this out, but it was a light bulb moment for me. I love free printables and that’s what I’ve used here, thanks to Green Apple Paperie via Catch My Party. But I don’t love my handwriting. I always feel like my handwriting “ruins” beautifully designed printables.

PicMonkey to the rescue! Here’s what you do.

1 – If your printable is a PDF, save it as a JPG file.

2 – In PicMonkey, choose “edit photo” and import your printable file.

3 – Choose the “Tt” symbol from the left hand navigation.

4 – Type the text you want, position it and choose your desired font color.

5 – Save your newly personalized file and you’re ready to print!

Duct Tape Wrapped Bottles

The new Duct Tape designs are terrific. I used the checkerboard pattern for my husband’s Cash Cab Birthday Party last year. But for this party, I just wanted the simple sheen of good old, original silver Duct Tape. It was an easy way to dress up our bubble favors. (Why did I choose bubbles? Kids love them and I had them in our party colors. Decision-making becomes very simple when you have an almost-no-budget party.)

Outer Space Backdrop

I had fadeless black paper — the kind teachers use in classrooms — left over from our photo shoot for the Fall 2012 issue of Bird’s Party Magazine. So I covered our dining room mirror with it and did a little painting.

The idea was creating little star clusters. Some of them look a little more like grapes (whoops) but you get the idea. Just dip bubble wrap in paint, dab off most of the paint and apply it to your backdrop paper. Rotate your bubble wrap as you go. I used silver paint with big bubble wrap and white paint with little bubble wrap.

Alien Heads

The classic “little green man” had to be the star of our party. Black scrapbooking paper, a little scissor work and some double-sided tape, and I’ve started a little collection of alien friends. (The plate is from our Easter party.)

Can’t wait to share the whole thing with you!

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