The big question with twin parties is how to make it special for each child. One way is with your cake choices. I’ve done this a couple of ways: two cakes, or one cake with something special for each girl. Here are some ideas for birthday party cakes for twins.

RoseMarie of Home Confetti tells me that for her twin girls she usually does cupcakes, which is a more flexible and less costly alternative. (We’ll see one of RoseMarie’s twin parties tomorrow!)

Two Cakes

I did two cakes the first several years until the girls didn’t really care anymore. Yes, this is more expensive if you purchase your cake. But, if you had two children born at different times, you’d have two parties — not just two cakes. So, to my way of thinking, having two cakes is a reasonable cost.

From Baking Habits via Cakes We Bake

Twins birthday cakes minnie mouse

From Cakes by Becky

thing one thing two twins cake

One Cake, But Personalized

The other option is to create one cake and let each child choose the flavor of their layer. With Meg and Grace, this is easy: Meg likes chocolate and Grace likes vanilla. Another great way to personalize your cake is with two cake toppers. Fondant anyone? Check out Edible Details. Another charming choice that you’ll see in my next party are wooden doll toppers from Sweetiepie Cake Toppers. You can choose toppers that look like your girls – love it!!

Cakes by Darcy via A Hot Pair of Boots

Two Peas in a Pod Cake for TwinsFrom Spirit Momma

sock monkey cake toppers

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