All this week, I’m focusing on throwing birthday parties for twins. I was so excited to get this submission from RoseMarie of Home Confetti. RoseMarie created this Alice in Wonderland party for her daughters’ joint fifth birthday.
Alice in Wonderland birthday 5th party for twins by Home Confetti featured on The Party Teacher

Party Entrance

RoseMarie mimicked the “rabbit hole” on the front door, simply using a black table cover, surrounded by signs made out of foam core board, “Hither,” “Down,” “This Way,” etc. Each guest had to crawl/walk  through the hole to get into the party.


When each girl arrived, RoseMarie had three stations set up to get them ready for the tea party: make-up, temporary tattoos, and a heart bracelet craft. Once they were done with all three, they got to pose with some of the photo props for a picture. The photographer actually had an Alice backdrop we used (how perfect!)

Other activities the guests played after the tea party included: Pin the Smile on the Cheshire Cat (a success!), Musical Cards (like musical chairs but using oversized cards on the floor)—big success, and “Queen of Heart Says” (as opposed to Simon Says). They also tried playing croquet but it was a bit difficult for the 4-5 year olds to get the ball through the hoops.

Tea Party Table

Since RoseMarie’s dining room walls are red, she gave the tea party more of a Queen of Hearts theme. RoseMarie used a black diamond tablecloth and card suits accents. She made the placecards, napkin ring holders and banner.  The main focus for the table was the cake centerpiece made from paper mache round hat boxes and scrapbook paper. To bring the Alice in Wonderland characters in, RoseMarie added color copies of their images in frames to the table.  The tea cups were thrift store finds to which RoseMarie added rose stickers.

Food Table

RoseMarie represented the other Alice in Wonderland characters with the Food Table. First, she gave the table a woodland setting, like in the story, using a tree from a past Halloween party and adding vines. She added small “Hither” Up” signs to the tabletop tree.  To represent the characters she made the Alice stand, Mad Hatter hat, and Cheshire box stand. RoseMarie says, “The kids remarked on knowing “who” each one was supposed to be.  It was cute!”

RoseMarie made everything easy to grab by putting each item in cups, rather than bowls they had to scoop from. She served strawberry cream cheese sandwiches, ham and cheese sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit cups (strawberries, grapes and blueberries) and cups with string cheese, black olives and cucumbers. Dessert was rose-topped cupcakes we sang Happy Birthday with. (RoseMarie prefers cupcakes to cake at twins’ parties so each guest of honor has something special.)

Vendor Credits:

Photography: Stephanie Stamos, Stamos Fine Art Photography

Drink Me tags: free download from B. Nute Productions

White tissue poms, oversized cards: Oriental Trading

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