Every Christmas I wind up with odd remainders of wrapping paper that I hope will fit some gift but never does. I usually wind up rolling these scraps up and saving them for next year, when they are still too small to do any good. This year, it occurred to me to find a new use for the paper leftovers: Valentine’s Day decorations.


I started with my red polka dot wrapping paper, and cut a heart template, about 2″ tall. I used that to outline more hearts on the back of the wrapping paper scraps and cut them out.

With a glue stick (I like Power Glue Stick), I attached the hearts to 4″ doilies. First, I made a banner, attaching the doilies by stringing red baker’s twine through the holes in the doilies.




I used more of the doilies and twine to decorate bottles of soda. Just peel off the soda labels; the remaining adhesive is plenty to hold the doily loosely in place. Then wrap the twine around the bottle three times and tie it in a bow.



The straws were left overs as well, and to them I simply added washi tape flags. (Did you use washi tape in your Christmas wrapping this year?)



I usually give the girls a little something at Valentine’s Day, so my last use for the doilies was to add them to little pink bags (two for $0.97 at WalMart).


A last bit of wrapping paper became a table runner. (You can keep the ends from curling by taping a penny to each inside corner.)



And there you have it: Valentine’s Day made from Christmas leftovers. Even the Christmas Crack with Candy Canes is leftover from yesterday. I bought only the Crush soda and the pink bags, so I spent $4.46 total. Happy early Valentines — and don’t toss those wrapping paper scraps!

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