I’m sure you’ve seen fabric strip bunting at parties lately and I just had to try my hand at creating this bunting for my girls’ Nancy Drew birthday party. This is a easy project and low cost. It took me about two hours to cut out my strips and tie them into three feet of bunting. Just find something you want to watch on TV and follow my easy instructions on how to make fabric strip bunting.

Fabric strip bunting tutorial by Double the Fun Parties


Cotton fabric – 5 patterns – buy 1/2 yard of each for 3 feet of bunting

7/8 inch grosgrain ribbon – 1 roll

Pinking shears

The fabric cost about $12 and the ribbon about $2.



1 – Fold your fabric in half so that you have about 22 inches on either side.


2 – Cut 1.5 inch strips with your pinking shears. I just eyeballed this. Use your pattern as a guide to cutting straight lines.


3 – Cut the fold in half. This gives you two strips out of each cut. Cut 10 strips of each pattern.



4 – Choose how to arrange your patterns.


5 – Allow 2 feet of grosgrain and then begin tying your strips to your ribbon. This will give you a 7-foot long finished bunting (2 feet of tie, 3 feet of bunting, 2 more feet of tie).


6 – Fold each strip in half. Place each folded strip on top of the ribbon.


7 – Tuck the top of the folded fabric strip under the ribbon.


8 – Pull the tail of the fabric strip through the loop you just made and tighten. It will look a little like the knot of a man’s tie. Continue with your pattern to make your bunting as long as you like.



Here’s the finished bunting.


I think I’ll also create mini bunting for the cake and suspend it between two straws.

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