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I’m so excited to bring you this party from my client Amy, who purchased my Wizard of Oz Party Plan. Like many of my clients, Amy also cherry picked my Wizard of Oz Party Kit and really made this event her own, which pleases me to no end. I love her ideas!
Tons of great Wizard of Oz party games for girls and boys  The Party Teacher
Amy created this backyard party for her daughter Katie’s 4th birthday and 30 of her friends. When I heard that guest count, I thought, “She is a braver momma than I am!” I had no idea until I saw these photos!

Food and Desserts

Cake CollageAmy set up a candy buffet on her back deck with rainbow-colored treats. She made the cake (it’s rainbow layers inside) and topped it with the fondant characters Edible Details created for my original party. The cake and drink table was just to the left of the candy buffet.

Candy Buffet Collage

Candy Buffet Collage-2

Cupcake Collage

Amy had a second buffet table as well, packed with references from the movie. (Be sure to read all her food labels.)











Party Crafts

What I enjoy so much about this party is that it illustrates how you can take my Wizard of Oz Party Plan and use it as a guide. You don’t have to replicate my party exactly — there’s plenty of inspiration to make it your own. For instance, at my party, I had craft tables that were each identified with one of the movie characters. Amy did that too, but in a totally different way. Here are her Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man and Witch tables.

At the Dorothy table, guests made rainbow necklaces out of pony beads (part of my Wizard of Oz Party Kit).

Dorothy Table Collage

At the Scarecrow table, the kids made their own party mix to take home. Amy bought disposable Glad containers and topped each one with a little Scarecrow hat! Don’t you know they must have loved sitting on hay bales?



The Lion table was for the pinata. Check out the table cloth: it’s fringed flannel made to look like a lion’s mane — you could totally do that with a hot glue gun.

Lion Table Collage

At the TinMan table, guests made my TinMan craft. I made the bodies for Amy, and the children added faces, hats, and hearts.

Tin Man Table Collage

The Witch table has Poppy Sleeping Potion, the Witch’s shoes, flying monkeys and my water bucket with tinsel water (for melting the Witch). At this station, the kids decorated witch hats.

Witch Table Collage

Party Games

The kids had lots of games to keep them busy. For “toss the corn,” Amy had three apple buckets and real corn still with husk. The kids had fun trying to toss the corn into the baskets.

Corn Collage

For “hook a haunted apple,” Amy hot glued magnets onto fake apples. Then she took a dowel and attached a magnet on a string. She wrapped the dowel in silver textured ribbon and put the apples in a tin bucket filled with water. Amy says, “The water turned red from the dye coming off the apples but I thought that looked cool! The kids had fun with this one and the tin bucket posed an extra challenge since the magnet wanted to stick to that too!”


Amy says, “For the witch broom ring toss, I made that out of plywood and dowels. I sprayed it green and used raffia for the broom. The kids could pick between tossing mini witch hats (more challenging) or pool rings covered with blue and white gingham fabric.”

Witch Activity Collage

The last game Amy had was the broomstick races. Broom Chick created the broomsticks. Amy bought 10 brooms and some colored cones and had the kids race around the cones.


At the entrance to the backyard, Amy created a Yellow Brick Road. She rented a fence and wrapped it in silk sunflowers, then added balloons and signage.


The kids had to pass by the Wicked Witch of the East to reach the party area.


Cut-outs of the characters were throughout the party area.Figurines Collage

The little party guests ate at these tables in the backyard. To each table, Amy added poppies in a woven basket (like Dorothy’s) and the photo prop hats I asked Peas & Thank Yous to design for my daughters’ party. (Jill is no longer taking on photo prop hat orders, but with her blessing, I am trying to find a new vendor, so stay tuned!)




But my absolute favorites are the trees that Amy crafted! This is how she made them: “I rented two Grecian columns. I blew up 35 balloons for each one and secured them tightly to the top. Then I wrapped the columns in corrugated bark paper. I bought this and some of the other big props like the fence and the rainbow from Stumps party supply. Then I bought the tree faces on Amazon. They were heavy so I took fishing line and strung it through the bracket on the back the of face and secured the fishing line to the top of the column by wrapping it. I couldn’t hot glue anything to the column because I rented them and didn’t want to take a chance on damaging them. Then I added a garland of balloons I blew up by mouth around the top base of the pillar to cover the white. And I covered the bottom base with straw! I was thrilled with the turn out!

Trees Collage


How cute is this favor table? The thank you tags say, “Thank you sweetly” just like the Munchkins do.


The girls also got Dorothy aprons and ruby red slippers to wear during the party and the boys got “courage” medals.

Costume Collage

Vendor Credits

Dorothy’s house, witch legs and tornado centerpiece: Double the Fun Parties
Rainbow bead craft: Double the Fun Parties
Tin Man craft: Double the Fun Parties
Fondant figurines on cake: Edible Details
Cupcakes:  Lucy and Leo’s Cupcakery of Tallahassee
Rental Company: A to Z Rentall in Tallahassee
All invitations, paper signs, food signs etc are from Southern Belles Charm (Natalie)
Poster characters: Play Patterns
Rainbow cookies: Not Betty Cookies on Etsy
Rainbow paper fan decor: Shanz Partaaay Decor on Etsy
Witches Brooms: Broom Chick on Etsy
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Get the 12 worksheets I use to plan all my parties!

Plus, you'll get all the latest blog posts from The Party Teacher.

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