One of the decor elements for our upcoming Valentine’s Bridal Shower will be doily poms, hanging from a chandelier over the dining room table. So of course, I turned to Pinterest and Google for tutorials. I found almost exactly what I needed from Petticoats & Peplums. With a simple tweak, I made these into full pom balls. Each pom balls costs only about $2 to make.How to make doily poms - it's as easy as folding and hot gluing - The Party Teacher



  • Round doilies, any size – 9 per pom
  • Baker’s twine or 3/8″ ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Update: To see my finished doilies at our party, click here. I changed our the baker’s twine to ribbon, and like the added presence it gave to the doilies.



1 – I used a 10″ doily. Lay one doily flat. Put a 1″ line of hot glue in the center of the doily. Lay one end of your twine in the hot glue.


2 – Fold the remaining eight doilies in half and then in half again to form quarters.

Doily Collage

3 – Make a small circle of hot glue in the center of your flat doily. Place the corner of each quarter doily into the hot glue circle. Flip over the circle and repeat on the opposite side with the remaining four doily quarters.


Doily 2 Collage

4 – Gently fluff your doilies by pulling out the part that is folded the deepest. Don’t hold the lacy part of the doily while doing this or you will rip your doily.


5 – As you fluff each doily, pinch the bottom a little to help it stand up.


And here are the finished poms from my party.


(Here is a different look, but an equally easy-to-create option, from Ucreate. She also shows you how to dye your doilies.)

Update: To see Hearts & Doilies Bridal Shower, click here. I changed our the baker’s twine to ribbon, and like the added presence it gave to the doilies.

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