My mom and sister (step) have birthdays just days apart, so this Saturday, we’re celebrating mom turning 70 and my sister turning 60. I’m making two of these ribbon loop wreaths for the front door. Finished product coming next week! In the meantime, here’s how to make these yourself.



Wire wreath form – about $5 at WalMart

Indoor/outdoor ribbon – 25 yard roll – about $3.50 at WalMart


You are basically making loops, twisting, and scrunching — so in other words: you can totally do this!

1 – Unroll a bunch of your ribbon. Starting at the inside circle of your wreath form, push a loop of ribbon through the wires. make the loop about 2 inches long. Hold the loop close to the horizontal bar going across that section of the wreath form.


2 – Leave a tail of ribbon. You could tie this onto the wire frame if you want. I didn’t because the scrunching will hold it in place. Here’s the tail.


3 – Make another loop through the center of the wire frame. Then make a third loop through the outer section.


4 – Scrunch your loop down toward the base of the frame section.


5 – Twist your ribbon on the underside of the wire frame.


This is what the scrunching looks like from the underside of the wire frame.


Start your next loop by pulling your ribbon back to the inside of the wire frame. Then just keep looping, scrunching and twisting.

The good thing about this frame is that the horizontal bars give you a stopping place for each section. And that’s important because you will have your hands full managing the ribbon and wreath. It’s not hard, and it goes quickly. The trick is just trying to keep the loops roughly even.

I got almost to the end of this wreath when my 25 yards of ribbon ran out. But you can see from the photo above that if I’d checked the back of the wreath and neatened it up more as I went along, that I might not have run out of ribbon.

Now I just need to add mini bunting and make one more wreath!

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