For the This Is Your Life Party I hosted this weekend, I tried a new way to attach pennants to my ribbon. Brass fasteners from the office supply aisle were really easy to use, and I’ll show you how to make your own photo party banner. It’s great for a first birthday — or any age.
How to make a DIY photo party banner - great for any age birthday party by The Party TeacherI chose the brass fasteners for the glittery touch they added to our red and gold party, but I’d use them again for ease. What I like most about them is you are less likely to rip your pennants with this technique than with using a hole punch and running ribbon through the holes. Also, it’s easier to place the fastener exactly where you want them. (Isn’t my sister sweet in these photos?)



  • Pennants
  • 5/8″ Ribbon
  • Fasteners (2 per pennant)
  • Piercing tool (I got mine at Archiver’s)


1 – Lay out your pennants along your ribbon to get the spacing right. I find it easiest to start in the middle and work out. I left about 1.5″ between each pennant, but that’s just personal choice.


2 – Holding your pennant against the top of the ribbon, use your piercing tool to wiggle a hole through your paper and ribbon. Twirl the piercing tool around to make sure the hole is big enough to squeeze in the fastener prongs.


Here’s the hole.


3 – Insert your fastener.


4 – Bend down the prongs, so they are flat.



5 – Now you have one fastener in, and you just keep repeating.



Here are the finished banners at our party.



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