Here’s one of my last minute tricks from the Night Owl Party. This is an easy way to get more out of your printables and dress up your vase.

20130622_DTF_Owl Sleepover_Viridian Images_Photography-25

I picked up my flowers the morning of the party and was disappointed to see wildly fake pinks. And what do dyed flowers do? They bleed into the water, like this. Bleech.


The solution is to hide your vase inside a larger vase. You can find nesting vases at WalMart, though mine came from my local floral wholesaler. The larger vase is 6.5″ high and the smaller is 5″ high.

I used Love the Day‘s Night Owl collection. I had Office Depot print two sheets of patterned paper at 11″ x 17″. Fit the paper inside your larger vase. Mark the height and trim the paper to fit.


Tape your papers together to make them long enough to encircle the vase.



Slide the paper inside the vase, then add dried beans to the bottom. The beans make your smaller vase sit taller in the larger vase.


Then, slide the smaller vase inside the larger vase, and you’re done!

DFP Night Owl Party breakfast 3

20130622_DTF_Owl Sleepover_Viridian Images_Photography-47

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