To dress up our 4th of July parade wagon, I made tassles out of dollar store plastic table coverings. This is a super easy (and very cheap) project that you could use to decorate any party!

How to make $3 plastic tablecloth party tassels


  • Dollar store plastic party tablecloths
  • Scissors
  • Grosgrain ribbon
  • Glue dots (thick style)



1 – Unfold your plastic tablecloth long ways but don’t open all the horizontal folds. (Hope that makes sense — here I am holding my partially unfolded tablecloth. Manicure by my 8-year-old.)


2 – When you see a fold mark, cut off a section of tablecloth.


3 – Make sure you have the fold at the top. This is the side to have at the bottom. See how it’s two end pieces plus a fold? You want the one big fold at the top.


4 – Now cut this section into 1″ strips. Stop about 1.5″ from the top of the fold. You should have 5 strips.


5 – Start rolling in the fold.



6 – Go ahead and cut as many tassels as you like. I used 24 tassels to go all around the wagon and had plenty of tablecloth left over.


7 – Remember the photo with the two end pieces plus the fold? Once your tassel is rolled up, snip a little off that end so you’ve cut the fold. This will maximize the movement of your tassel.


8 – Tie the ribbon around the rolled up tassel. Do this different from the way I did: my ribbon was single-faced. That means the design is only printed on one side. Well, of course, I only wanted the printed side showing between tassels. So I about tied myself in knots trying to get the ribbon facing the right direction after every knot. Just choose a double-faced ribbon and make this easier on yourself.


9 – I left about 3″ of space between each tassel, but this is totally up to your preference. There is no right or wrong way to do this.


10 – Attach your tassels to your wagon (or tablecloth or whatever) with dimensional glue dots. Put the dot on the tassel instead of the ribbon.


That’s it! Quick, easy, cheap. Make this in any color combo. It might be fun to use two or three sections of different colored tablecloths to make really full, colorful tassels.





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