Our kids get so excited about their birthday parties — maybe even more so as they get older. When they’re at the age when they can help with the planning and crafting and baking, it amps up the anticipation of how much fun they’ll have with their friends. But what if you planned and crafted and baked up a birthday party with your daughter, and no one came?
Country Fair 9th birthday day by The Crafty Woman featured on The Party Teacher

It happened to Christine of The Crafty Woman. But more importantly, it happened to her precious Evelynn.

I found this party on Pinterest when searching for country inspiration. I just loved so many little details: the “blue” ribbons, the doilies (you know how I love doilies), and of course the cow painting (because I’m a sucker for a good cow painting). Using the dessert table for favors and activities also, which is a great way to fill your table without going overboard on treats.

So many times, I’m busy and don’t READ about the parties I’m perusing — I just very quickly take in the stunning photos. But this story I read.

Evelynn had a party. And no one came.


In her party post, Christing wrote, “Evelynn was crushed and confused. She thought maybe she had made her friends mad or was forgotten. We don’t know why, I’m guessing due to the holiday. Evelynn cried for a few minutes, wiped her tears, and was determined to make the best of it.”

I reached out to Christine, who graciously allowed me to share her party, and a bit more of the story. Of course Evelynn took the absence of her friends personally. I know my two would have. Baby A has come home in tears more than once because a friend didn’t sit with her on the bus. Multiply that by an entire party.

Christine says that Evelynn “was so sweet throughout, worrying that something might have happened to friends, or they were sick, and she even took treats to the sales lady across the street!” That’s a girl with a sterling inner core.


The party took place over a holiday weekend. Christine emailed me that “a few friends RSVP’d and did not show, others apologized afterward of being unable to make it. Most of them had plans already for the weekend and were out of town.”

So now I have to climb on my RSVP soapbox. We get busy, lots of party invitations get sent home from school, sometimes we mean to call but then forget. I’ve been guilty of forgetting the RSVP, too. We can’t forget to RSVP — and then stick with it — not just out of courtesy to the parents, but to spare the feelings of a child.


But there’s nothing like a grandpa, and Evelynn’s saved the day. Christine wrote me, “Her grandpa flew in the night before as a complete surprise to all of us. Luckily, that surprise really helped her overcome the heartache.” Grandpa and daddy even wore pink ribbons (made by Christine’s mother-in-law).


Fortunately, Evelynn’s party wasn’t completely without guests. Her boy cousins were great sports and went out of their way to make the party fun. Evelynn and her family watched her favorite movie, and made mini pies, homemade ice cream, kettle corn, and friendship bracelets. An at-home party, full of activities tailored to the birthday girl — just what I love. (Evelynn decorated the drink bottles and straws herself.)



Great great grandma’s recipe even makes an appearance on the dessert table!


And wonderful neighbors let Evelynn ride their horse. She had a good party after all.


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