As the mom of two girls, I sometimes forget about the boys. Give it a few years and all that will change … (although, if you ask my husband, the girls are not allowed to date until they are 30. He always asks them, “When you start dating, do you want me to sit in the front seat or a the back seat of his car?) Anyway, today’s freebie round-up is to make sure your boy’s classroom Valentine’s are just as cute as what the girls are handing out.Classroom Valentine's for boys curated by The Party Teacher

From Dimple Prints

FF Dimple Prints Boy Valentine
From The Dating Divas

(Lots of options here including Star Trek and Harry Potter. Here are just two.)

FF The Dating Divas Boy Valentines

FF The Dating Divas Boy Valentines-2

From Sweet C’s Designs

FF Sweet C's Designs Boy ValentinesFrom Paging Supermom

FF Paging Supermom Boy ValentinesFrom Dandee

FF Dandee Boy ValentineFrom Craft After Me

FF Repeat Crafter Me Boy Valentines

From My Name Is Snickerdoodle

FF My Name Is Snickerdoodle Boy ValentineFrom Paper & Pigtails for DIY Network

FF Paper & Pigtails Boy ValentineOnce Upon a CanvasFF Once Upon a Canvas Boy ValentinesFrom From The TomKat Studio

FF The TomKat Studio Boy ValentineFrom Taylor Made for CRAFT

FF Taylor Made for CRAFT Boy ValentineFrom Sweet Rose Studio

FF Sweet Rose Studio Boy ValentineYou Can Do It! Signature

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