If you have girls, I’m betting they went through a pretty serious My Little Pony phase. Mine did. I can’t tell you how many times I untangled pony manes that my two had “styled.” Kathy of Tickled Peach Studio just hosted a 4th birthday party for her little girl and there was no doubt that the theme had to be My Little Pony.Darling My Little Pony birthday party by Tickled Peach Studio featured on The Party Teacher

20140118-_MG_2190Party Decor

The party decor was a rainbow theme of pink, purple, orange, yellow, and aqua. Using colored cardstock, Kathy cut out triangle buntings to hang around our party spaces. Colorful balloons were blown up and placed at the end of each bunting. Kathy used a small craft punch to create confetti from the remaining cardstock scraps for the party tables. And wise momma that she is, Kathy also used her growing supply of ponies to decorate. Of course, Kathy designed her own printables.

20140118-_MG_2230 20140118-_MG_2228 Activities/Craft Table

The party started with the guests heading upstairs to Rarity’s Carousel Boutique! Using temporary tattoo paper and her inkjet printer, Kathy printed and cut out cutie mark tattoos. The girls did their nails at Rainbow Dash’s Hoof Decorating Parlor and then got to play with dress-ups. Kathy didn’t forget the boys: they got to play with trains and Legos! As a fun little bonus, Kathy hid some of Rarity’s jewels (or ring pops) around the room so as the kids were playing they each got to find one.

MLP Collage-120140118-_MG_2210 20140118-_MG_2209 The party continued in the garage, which Kathy decorated with plastic tablecloth rolls. She covered the walls to transform their garage in to Sugar Cube Corner! Using wood they had lying around, Kathy’s husband created a small table for the kids. At the table, the guests decorated Unicorn Horns (party hats) with stickers and jewels.

20140118-_MG_2187The hit of the party was the cutie mark bean bag toss game! Kathy’s husband constructed a cornhole board and painted it. The bean bags were handmade by Kathy’s mother-in-law with the help of the birthday girl. Before the desserts, everyone played pin the cutie mark on Pinkie Pie!

20140118-_MG_2204Food & Drinks

Since the party was in the afternoon, Kathy served themed snacks and sweets like Rainbow Dash’s Fish Crackers (colored goldfish), Rarity’s Pop-ular Corn, Rainbow Dash’s Sonic Rainboom Fruit and Fluttershy’s Bunny Munch (veggies). Drinks included Pinkie Pie Pink Lemonade and Sweet Apple Acres Apple Juice.

20140118-_MG_2237 20140118-_MG_2236 20140118-_MG_2235 20140118-_MG_2231MLP Collage-2Dessert Table

The sdessert table included vanilla cupcakes, vanilla cake, marshmallow pops, dipped vanilla wafers, and Oreos. The backdrop was table cover draped wall topped with a banner and colorful paper pom poms.

20140118-_MG_2199 20140118-_MG_2198 20140118-_MG_2196 20140118-_MG_2195 20140118-_MG_2194   20140118-_MG_2184 20140118-_MG_2181 20140118-_MG_2177Favors

The favors were packaged in cute little personalized mini gable boxes! Each box included chocolate coins, kisses, bubbles, ring pop, a pony stamp, and a pony pencil.


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