Here’s what I love about St. Patrick’s Day parties: bright, happy colors and license to do anything you want. While certainly Irish traditions and legends come to mind, you don’t think of “must-haves” for a St. Patrick’s Day party, so you are free to really make it your own. Kylie of Made by a Princess Parties In Style teamed up with a friend to host a Top ‘o the Morning Breakfast Playdate.
St. Patrick's Day breakfast and playdate by Made by a Princess featured on The Party Teacher
MBP Food CollageIn her kitchen, Kylie covered her valances with rainbow wrapping paper and hung gold fringe door streamers in the windows. Many of her items came from Dollar Tree, which always has a good selection of holiday decorations. But Kylie made the “lucky” banner herself.

MBP Lucky Banner CollageFood included:

  • Lucky Charms served in leprechaun hats
  • Mini Nilla Wafers in black pots because they looked like little coins
  • Chex Mix
  • Mint crinkle cookies
  • Fruit rainbow
  • Mini green pancakes and
  • Crock Pot Irish cream coffee for the moms

MBP Food Table CollageKylie says, “The green foil runners on the coffee bar was a roll of wrapping foil from there. The vintage looking glass pedestal bowls and cake plates…candlestick glued to the bottom of glass bowls and plates. No one believes me that I got the supplies at Dollar Tree! The Irish coffee mugs and shamrock garland I decorated them with, yep, from there too. The serving spoons and forks were found there too, I just glittered them.”

MBP Irish Cream Coffee CollageKylie hosted 12 little ones, so a craft to keep them busy was a must. After breakfast, the gang headed outside for some rainbow painting. She says, “I bought glitter paint at Michael’s and cut a few poster boards from Dollar Tree into 8×10 and 5×7 sheets. I also cut some bell peppers in half (took the seeds out) because when cut they look like shamrocks. The art station was a huge hit and I loved seeing all those little rainbow fingers! This is a really easy craft to do even with a bigger group. It’s pretty inexpensive too.”

MBP Art Collage

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