For all my mompreneur friends, WAHMs, SAHMs, and working in the office moms: this is my declaration of independence:

On the days when I can’t do everything, I’m going to stop trying to do it all anyway. Just say no.

Of course, I’ll need a reminder of my declaration before I backslide into my old ways. So, I made myself a free printable, and I’m sharing it with you.

I love this - on the days when I can't do it all, I'm going to stop trying to do it all anyway #justsayno

Eventually, I’ll get this printed out, and pop it in a frame on my desk, but today is not that day … and that’s OK! This is sized to 8″ x 10″, but of course you can print it smaller. I’ll probably go for a 4″ x 6″.

Here is the PDF: Just Say No – 8×10

I think I’m a better mom when I do less. I’m more focused, less stressed. And, I actually get more done if I force myself to take things one at a time. It’s the airplane oxygen mask theory: the parent needs to breathe before putting the mask on their children.

The same goes for my business. So if there’s a day when you don’t see a post from me on the blog, it’s because my attention was needed elsewhere that day. I’ll be back soon, promise. And, I’ll be back better than if I kept trying to do it all.

As they said in Pretty Woman, “Take of you.”

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