I’m excited to announce that I’m now offering a new party planning eBook! For almost a year to the day, I’ve offered Birthday Party 101 as a free incentive to my blog subscribers. This was a 60+ page book chock full of party advice, worksheets and to-do lists — all designed to make planning your next party easier.

DFP Birthday 101 FINAL_Page_01And while I’m super excited that this blog now has so many loyal readers, I also had a fair number of people subscribe, grab the book, and then unsubscribe. That was kind of a bummer. I put so much work into my Party Planning eBooks … and they are not inexpensive to produce. Just think about the party costs, the photography, the professional graphic design of the eBook … it adds up. I’m telling myself: those ladies just aren’t my peeps. I wish them well with their parties, and I’ll be here if they ever want more help.

So, I reached out to my Kick-Start Labs network, and their general consensus was:

Girl, you are crazy! You are giving ALL THAT away? Stop. Stop it now.

But the good news is two-fold:

1 – I have a new subscriber incentive that I’m really proud to offer.

2 – Birthday Party 101 (or should I call it 101.2?) is newly updated, expanded, and now for sale.

New Subscriber Incentive: Party Planning Cheat Sheets

DFP Party Planning Cheat Sheets Cover

BP 101 Worksheet Collage

All my new worksheets and to-do checklists are available FREE to new blog subscribers.


  • One Page Party Planner – NEW!
  • Party Brainstorming – NEW!
  • Sketch Pad – NEW!
  • Budget
  • Party Vendors – NEW!
  • Guest List
  • Party Grocery List
  • Gift List / Thank You Notes


  • Party Prep Checklist (a 4-Week Guide to Getting Ready for Your Party)
  • Party Schedule
  • My Favorite Resources – UPDATED!

Newly Expanded eBook: Birthday Party 101

Birthday Party 101 has now grown by 10 pages to include all my best party advice. (Plus, it’s got lots of pretty new photos from my latest parties.) When you buy the eBook, you get the total package: all the party advice, all the worksheets and all the to-do lists. I even give you the worksheets and to-do lists as separate files to make printing easy.

DFP Birthday Party 101 FINAL 031014 single_Page_03PARTY ADVICE

  • The Guest List
  • Day & Time
  • Drop Off?
  • RSVPs
  • How to Choose a Party Theme
  • Party Printables
  • Picking Activities
  • Getting Your House Ready
  • How to Style a Dessert Table
  • Creating a Backdrop
  • How to Style a Dining Table
  • Opening Presents
  • Finding Just the Right Favor
  • Gift Registries
  • Write a Charming Thank You Note
  • If Your Party Is Away From Home

DFP Birthday Party 101 FINAL 031014_Page_11 DFP Birthday Party 101 FINAL 031014_Page_06

So if you are ready to make your next birthday party easy, I can help you a little (become a blog subscriber and get my Party Planning Cheat Sheets for FREE) or a lot (buy Birthday Party 101).

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