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Before we get to the party: If you haven’t yet taken my quick 10-question survey, please do that right now, then come back and read this post. I really want to know what you think of this new idea I’m so excited about! (No party planners, please.)

OK – you’re back – awesome, and thank you! Onto the party…

St. Patrick's Day breakfast by The Party Teacher

I think it’s fair to say we’ve gotten to know each other over the past 2 1/2 years here at Double the Fun Parties. So for those of you who’ve been around all this time (thank you!) and for those of you who are new (welcome!), you know I like to throw some big, blow out, hide the bills from your husband parties. But I also like to party all the time, and since I haven’t won the lottery lately (OK, ever), sometimes a girl’s got to party on a budget. Welcome to my ZERO DOLLAR — that’s right, I spent $0 — St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast.


You may have seen a sneak peek of this party over on Love the Day, but I’ve got even more photos to share with you.

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Buffet by Double the Fun Parties I wanted to do a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast for my family, but I also wanted to make it easy on myself and not spend anything. The only thing I bought was blueberries; everything else came from my fridge or home or Freebie Friday feature.
I kept the colors to traditional green and orange because I had plenty of those colors on hand. Just like I talked about in this video, this look is all about layering. I counted the dark wood of my buffet table and dining table as one layer and skipped tablecloths.

DSC_0085Decorating the Buffet Table

  • On the buffet, I added a yard of orange cotton fabric. The fabric was purchased for my Dinosaur Baby Shower, but never used.
  • The shamrock plates and platters are from Home Goods, left over from my St. Patrick’s Day Lunch from two years ago.
  • The toy gold coins also are from the St. Patrick’s Day Lunch.
  • The felt garland by A Felt Affair is left over from the same St. Patrick’s Day Lunch. I love all of Ellie’s garlands and would highly recommend her.
  • The garland hangs between two wreath hangers that are part of my collection of party accessories. (They were originally $10 each at Tuesday Morning.)
  • The party printables are by Love the Day. Lindi offered these as a freebie! (The printable in the frame is another freebie from Dreamsicle Sisters. I just downsized it to fit my frame.)
  • See the party circle in the scones? It is attached to a gold candle with a Glue Dot. (The candle is from my daughters’ 9th birthday.)
  • Finally, the frame is from Hobby Lobby, bought for that same St. Patrick’s Day Lunch but never used.

Notice a theme? I don’t want to sound like I’m promoting hoarding, but if you think you’ll use it again, pack it away in a clear plastic bin, add an identifying label, and store it away until next year.

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Buffet Details by Double the Fun PartiesDSC_0095DSC_0056

Setting the Dining Table

  • On the dining table, I started with green place mats, originally purchased for my first version of the Flower Fairy Party.
  • Next came more shamrock plates, which I topped with orange bowls from Dollar Tree. The bowls were left over from my Trick or Treat Halloween Party.
  • The orange napkins are wrapped in Love the Day printables, but the napkins themselves were originally used in my Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party.
  • Even the fresh flowers are left-overs. They were used on the mantle and dessert table in my daughters’ Country Music Awards Birthday Party. (I’ll share that as soon as I finish writing the Party Plan eGuide.)

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Place SettingDSC_0046

St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast

  • I kept breakfast really simple, starting with a special treat: blueberry scones. My favorite scone recipes are all from the book Simply Scones. All I did was add green food dye.
  • I wanted to add some fruit, so I pulled honeydew and cantaloupe out of the fridge and styled them on skewers. Food is just more fun when it’s on a stick.
  • Orange juice was our last item.

DSC_0007St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Drinks by Double the Fun PartiesSt. Patrick's Day Breakfast Scones by Double the Fun PartiesThe scones took an hour to make and bake and it was only another two hours to do everything from printing and trimming the printables to ironing napkins and setting the table. So if you’re short on time or dollars, don’t let it stop you from making your St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast extra special. (Bonus: you can now say you’ve celebrated St. Paddy’s Day and skip the corned beef and cabbage.)

Vendor Credits

Party Styling: Double the Fun Parties

Photography: Double the Fun Parties

Printables: Love the Day and Dreamsicle Sisters

Felt Garland: A Felt Affair

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Get the 12 worksheets I use to plan all my parties!

Plus, you'll get all the latest blog posts from The Party Teacher.

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