Ya’ll, if we’re friends on Facebook, that is about to end. Not that I don’t love you, ’cause you know I do, but Facebook has switched to an advertising model, and that means no more free content distribution for pages like mine. (Translation: this is why you don’t see my Facebook posts.)

DFP FB CoverI have close to 4,000 Facebook fans, and 117 of them saw my last post. It’s Facebook’s business to run, and I’m in business too, so I get that your biz has to make money. But, I don’t have Nike’s ad dollars, so you won’t be seeing me buy ads on Facebook. And that means you probably won’t see my Facebook posts, even though you signed up for them.

I really want us to stay friends. But if you only stay in touch with me through Facebook, it’ll be like I moved across the country and never call. (Want to know more? Read this article in Time about the end of free marketing on Facebook.)

So let’s stay in touch — here’s how.

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Let’s stay BFFs!

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