Today, I’m thrilled to welcome Natalie from Katarina’s Paperie to the blog, with her charming Pink Lemonade Play Date Party. Natalie’s shop offers party printables and pretty, pretty decorations with a whimsical flair.

So cute - lemonade stand play date with free printables featured on The Party Teacher
Natalie created this play date party last summer for her daughter, “Little Bug,” who was being a great “big girl” and adjusting to a newborn in the house. The playdate give Little Bug, mommy and some favorite stuffed animals some one-on-one time.


Here’s Natalie to tell the rest!

“I chose lemonade as our theme in honor of summer.  I decorated the party with our new printable lemonade party essentials collection. The best part about this collection is that it has everything you need to throw a small party, play date or other get together – without a huge cost.  Definitely great when trying to stay in a budget. All you need to do is print, cut and assemble to create an amazing and fun party.”

“In addition to the paper designs, I added some cups and plates from the Dollar Store (it’s amazing what you can find over there!) and used serving pieces from past parties.  I am always sure to keep some mason jars, small baskets and white plates around our butler’s pantry.  Their uses are endless!”


“I set up the tablescape using our small white play table from my studio.  I added a few desserts and decorations to make it feel summery.  Party circles are an easy decoration that you can use lots of ways.  I attached them to the cups for this party.”


“Little Bug recently tried her first gummy candy and really liked it.  So I filled our treat bags with watermelon sours and added the bag toppers from the collection.  This was a VERY special “big girl” treat for her to enjoy.”


“Although the stuffed friends of the moment seem to change daily, Elmo is still Little Bug’s favorite.  That morning it was also Fluffy Duck and her stuffed dog.  They waited patiently to be served.”


“I wanted powdered donuts for one of the desserts. When I went to buy them that morning, I discovered that the powdered version of Munchkins had been discontinued.  Supposedly, they are too messy.  So I bought the sugar version and coated them in powdered sugar right before serving.  To create individual portions, I served the mini donuts in pink polka dot cupcake liners.”

lemonadebuntingflags“I created a pennant bunting from the patterned pennants in the printables collection.  To assemble, I punched holes in the edges of each triangle.  Then, I connected the triangles together with narrow grosgrain ribbon.  I love the sweet look of the little bows between the pretty paper designs.”


“No matter the size of your party, it isn’t complete without a flower arrangement.  I used daisies from my mom’s garden and placed them in a large mason jar.  A mix of light pink and yellow baker’s twine wrapped around the vase matched our party perfectly.”


“After Little Bug begged me for weeks to make her cake pops, I created some pink lemonade cake pops as another special surprise.  The mix of pink lemonade cake and frosting turned into quite a refreshing dessert.  I decorated them with pink and yellow sprinkles for an added touch.”


“One fun part of our printables collection is lemonade themed play money.  I made Little Bug a set of dollar bills and coins.  She loved dividing up the money (she’s really into sorting right now!), giving the money to her stuffed animals and putting it in her wallet.  She continues to play with the money even today!”


“Little Bug divided up the money into piles so everyone got one.  I loved seeing her share with her buddies.”


“Party flags can be used to decorate lots of different party elements.  The classic use is to add them to paper straws.”


“You can also add them to treat sticks for a decorative touch.”


“One of the best parts about hosting play dates with Little Bug is that it gives us a chance to practice being good hosts.  We were able to serve all of our stuffed animals, share treats, drink juice and celebrate summer together.  It’s so cute when I see her using these skills in her own pretend play.”

Thank you, Natalie, for sharing your party with us!

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