One of my favorite projects that I do for party clients is creating a birthday party box —  a party kit that I mail to your door. They are designed to make your busy mom life way easier! And lately, it’s been my Mystery Party Kit that has been flying off the shelves. So today, I’m excited to feature photos sent in by two moms who just created a mystery party using my party kits.
It’s always so fun to see the spin that these moms put on their parties. The premise of the Mystery Party is that your guests will solve The Case of the Purloined Party Favors:
  • Search for clues
  • Interview witnesses
  • Crack a code
  • Take fingerprints
  • Lift fingerprints
  • Catch the thief

The great thing is that you can customize the party! I did my Mystery Party as a Nancy Drew theme, but in the past month, I’ve created Encyclopedia Brown and A to Z Mystery versions.

Encyclopedia Brown Mystery Party

Jennifer wrote me, “We had TJ’s mystery party yesterday and it was great. Below are some pics (including TJ handcuffing my mom!). All the adult witnesses were so impressed with how well the children used reasoning and deduction throughout the activity. They actually solved the mystery correctly–accurately accusing my mom! It amazed me because, after throwing the party together (thanks to you and Lindy) in literally 2 and a half days–I was a little short on sleep and amazed all the clues came together so perfectly! Thank you and I will definitely keep you in mind for future parties!”

image(9) image(8)

Here are two guests with their detective kits.


Witnesses are being questioned and fingerprints taken!


The cake came out great — this is the first time I’ve seen a duplicate of my cake and it is adorable!


Here’s grandma getting arrested by the birthday boy! She is a great sport!


Here is Jennifer’s table, all set for the guests. (How stunning is her home?)

image(3) image(2)

Nancy Drew Mystery Party

Amanda wrote me, “Just wanted to say thank you for the Nancy Drew Party. It was a huge success and the kids are still talking about it. It was perfect!! Here are some pictures of the set up. My daughter and her friend had nothing but smiles the entire time and still claim that is was the best party ever.  🙂 Thank you again.”
I love how Amanda made her cake look like the cover of a Nancy Drew book!
2014-06-06 14.35.36(1) 100_1047(1) 100_1026(1)
The extra fun part about working with Amanda is that she lives near me, so we met to hand-off her kit. It’s just the second time I’ve gotten to meet one of my moms (since my work is all online) — too much fun!

Of course, I LOVE to customize my party kits! If you need more or less — no problem! Want me to throw in some extra touches? Happy to do it! The kit I just sent off to Theresa even changed some of the clues to meet her daughter’s special needs. If I can help make your next birthday party easier, please let me know!

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