Did you miss my first Shark Week party tip? Click here to get the easy how-tos for making Shark Fin Soda Bottles. Today is part two of my own little Shark Week: Shark Tooth Rice Krispies Treats! Of course, these are a snap to mix up, but my version was even easier to shape into shark teeth than I expected.

How to make shark tooth Rice Krispies Treats by The Party Teacher

Follow the official Rice Krispie Treats recipe, then, instead of putting your mix in a pan, you’ll shape the Rice Krispies into shark teeth. Here’s how.

1 – Keep the Rice Krispies in the non-stick pot you used to make them. Give them a few minutes to cool. Spray one hand with a cooking spray like Pam. Rub your hands together to coat them with the cooking spray. Form a ball about two inches round, and then shape it into a triangle. You want the triangle to be about 1 inch thick.

Shark Tooth Rice Krispies Treats by The Party Teacher

2 – Now, press an indentation in the top of the triangle with your finger. You’ll have a heart shape. Then, squeeze in the sides under the bumps of the heart. Reform the bottom triangle, and you have your shark tooth.

Shark Tooth Rice Krispies Treats by The Party Teacher

3 – Lay your shark teeth between wax paper or parchment paper, and store in an airtight container until you are ready to use them. (The Rice Krispies site says these are better if eaten the day they are made, but they also can be frozen.)

4 – When you add them to your serving plate, drizzle each one with red piping gel (the kind that comes in the tube). Every shark tooth needs a touch of “blood.”

Shark Tooth Rice Krispies Treats by The Party Teacher

Do your kids love Shark Week as much as mine do? I continue to be surprised by how taken the girls are with sharks, but clearly they are not alone!

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