Bear with me now: this one is theoretically gross but actually yummy. And it makes me giggle. I do girl parties all the time, and sometimes, it’s just fun to dive into something boy-ish and grody. And so I give you … shark chum Jell-O!

How to make Shark Chum Jell-O by The Party Teacher

What is chum? (Those are words I never expected to write on this blog…) Well, if you ever need to attract a shark, you toss chopped up bloody fish into the water. So my thought was chopped up Swedish Fish suspended in blue Jell-O. Gross. Giggle. Here’s how.

1 – Make blue Jell-O according to the package directions. Don’t make the quick-set version; stick with the four-hour version.

2 – Fill your individual containers one-third full with Jell-O. Put in the fridge for 40 minutes.

3 – In the meantime, cut most of your Swedish Fish into three pieces each.

Shark Chum Jell-O Tutorial - cut up Swedish Fish - The Party Teacher

4 – When your timer goes off, add three or four pieces of fish on top of the semi-set Jell-O. Fill it with another one-third layer of Jell-O. Put everything back in the fridge for 40 minutes more.

Shark Chum Jell-O Tutorial - make first layer of Jell-O - The Party Teacher

5 – Pull the Jell-O out and add another layer of chopped fish. Put one whole fish tail-first into the Jell-O, leaning its fishy head against the side of your container. Fill with remaining Jell-O so that the fish head is sticking out of the top. Refrigerate for three hours.

Shark Chum Jell-O Tutorial - position whole fish to stick up through the top - The Party Teacher

6 – Top with a few more fish pieces — a bright red, “bloody” garnish. Giggle.

Shark Chum Jell-O by The Party Teacher

7 – While you are waiting on the Jell-O to set, you can embellish some bamboo spoons. You don’t want the paint to go too far down the handle because it isn’t food safe. Take a bit of washi tape and wrap it around the handle. This will allow you to paint a clean line. When the paint is dry to the touch, remove the tape. When it is fully dry, add a strip of clean washi, and wrap it around the handle.

Shark party fork decorating tutorial by The Party Teacher

And that’s my own personal Shark Week. Miss a post? Make sure you see the Shark Fin Soda, Shark Tooth Rice Krispie Treats, and Shark Favor Balls. Did you do anything fun for Shark Week?

Shark Chum Jell-O by The Party Teacher

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