This post is for all the class moms, trying to come up with an easy to plan, easy to transport, and inexpensive idea for Valentine’s Day Classroom Parties. I staged this shoot at my house so that you could have these ideas in time for the holiday. But I kept the classroom in mind, so just try to imagine 21 little kids, ready to jump all over this dessert table. (I’ll be sharing the tutorials later this week.)

5 Easy Steps to Plan Your Valentine's Day Party 1059

Step 1 – Easy shopping

You’ve got a few options here: free Valentine’s Day printables, paid Valentine’s Day printables or do what I did and hit up your local craft store. I was in and out of Hobby Lobby in about 15 minutes, hitting the 30% off holiday aisle. No time to print and cut party printables when operation Tenth Birthday Party is underway!

I purchased:

  • Heart-shaped melamine plates (although they had plenty of paper options, too). I just love melamine and being able to use it time and again.
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Red straws with white hearts
  • Heart-shaped felt stickers
  • Paper fans
  • $1.99 heart-shaped boxes of chocolates

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1060

Step 2 – Easy food prep

For a classroom party, you may be able to get other parents to donate food, but it’s harder to plan a cohesive table that way. Lucky for you, Target is all sorts of onboard with the dessert table trend and has holiday-themed sweets like chocolate-covered Oreos, chocolate-drizzled Rice Krispies Treats, sugar-topped cupcakes and of course red and pink M&Ms.

The other advantage of doing the shopping yourself? You control how many sweets each child gets. (When I volunteered in my daughters’ classroom in November, I couldn’t believe the kids asking for a second piece of pie right off the bat. Not surprising, but do you want that sugar-filled kid coming home to your house?)

Instead of having a desserts-only table, I filled in space with the plates, drink bottles, and our craft. The table looked full, but it wasn’t all sweets.

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1161DFP Valentine's Day Dessert Table Collage-1 DFP Valentine's Day Party Dessert Table Collage-2

Step 3 – Easy dessert table backdrop

It just doesn’t get any easier than paper fans. (I’ll show you how to assemble and hang them later this week.) I bought two packs of patterned fans, for a total of six fans, and then added two solid red fans that I had leftover from another party. Have poster tack or the small 3M Command Strips on hand to help you hang the fans. (Or, if you can use a bulletin board, just thumbtack the fans in place.)

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1164DFP Valentine's Day Party 1107

Step 4 – Easy banner

I used two banners: the felt banner is from Etsy seller Un Petit You and the other I made myself. The chocolate box banner is what started the whole party idea. It took me a few tries to figure out how to make it actually work, but it’s ultimately easy and I’ll have a tutorial for you soon. This would be easy to carry with you to school. It’s just empty boxes alternating with open boxes with the chocolates still in them. (And to state the obvious: the chocolates are glued in place, so don’t let the kids eat the chocolates.)

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1067

Step 5 – Easy (and fun!) craft

Does your school have the kids make their own Valentine’s Day boxes for their cards? At our school, the teachers just pass out brown paper bags for the kids to decorate, which — sorry, because we have great teachers — but that’s just not all that fun. Plus, by the time the girls get home, their paper bags are all ripped up.

So try this instead: have the parents donate an empty tissue box. It doesn’t matter what size. Also ask for scrapbooking paper and stickers to decorate the boxes. Assuming the kids already have safety scissors and glue sticks, Scotch tape would be a bonus donation. I also had red Duck Tape, Valentine’s washi tape and tissue fringe on hand.

I created one box as a sample. (Kids always do better with a little inspiration.) My two had a blast decorating their own boxes.

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1038DFP Valentine's Day Party 1172

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1059

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