Call them party cones, treat cones or tussie mussies, these cone-shaped treat holders are just plain cute! I love them for:

  • Giving my family Halloween treats
  • Presenting party favors
  • Leaving the neighbors a “you’ve been boo’ed” surprise

Hang them from a kitchen chair, your bed’s footboard, bedside table, or door knob.

I’m sure you’ve seen elaborate and beautiful treat cones on Pinterest, but they don’t have to be hard or time-consuming to create. Here are three FAST and EASY ways to make your own treat cones.halloween-treat-cones-3-easy-ways-by-the-party-teacher

1 – Use your Silhouette Cameo die cutting machine.

Chose a party hat template. I used this one. Pick heavy scrapbooking cardstock. An 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper is plenty big. Cut out the template.


Roll the cone together, insert the tabs and secure with tape on the inside of the hat. I like using clear packing tape because I know it’s not going to budge.


Use a single hole punch to punch holes on either side of the hat. The seam of the hat should be in the back (in between the two holes).


Trim about 18 inches of 3/8-inch grosgrain ribbon. (My ribbon is from Hobby Lobby.) Tie a thick knot or double knot in one end, and pull the ribbon from the inside of the hole to the outside. (You may want to tape down the ribbon sticking out of the knot.)


Decorate your hat any way you like, but if you are making multiple hats, why not keep it simple? I downloaded this variety of jack-o-lantern faces from the Silhouette store, sized the smiles to about 5 inches wide, and cut them out on black matte vinyl. Using vinyl cuts out the steps of gluing and drying.


If you don’t have a Silhouette, hand-cut the jack-o-lantern faces — or make this a project for your kids. No vinyl? You also can use scrapbooking paper and glue the faces to your cone. (I like Aleene’s Thick Tacky Glue — note: this is an Amazon affiliate link. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This program helps support my business, and allows me to continue bringing you free content.)

At this point, pop your cone in something like a low, heavy vase or scotch glass to hold the cone upright. Line your cone with tissue paper, bunching it up in the bottom to take up space, then add your treats. Tie off the tips of the tissue paper with more ribbon.



2 – Cut your treat cones by hand.

Take a 12 x 12-inch sheet of heavy scrapbooking paper and place it face down on your table. Grab a dinner plate, put it face down on the paper, and trace a circle.


Cut out the circle with scissors. (The trick to a neat circle is to keep the paper in the deep part of the scissors and just to cut slow and steady — no big cuts.)


Take the straight edge of the leftover paper, and draw a line in the center of your circle. Turn the straight edge perpendicular to the first line, and draw a second line. Keep going like you’re a slicing a pie.


Decide how big a triangle you want to cut out, and extend two of the lines you just drew to create guidelines. Then cut out your triangle. (Start with one section; you can always add a section for a large triangle, then therefore a tighter cone.)

youve-been-bood-treat-cone-by-the-party-teacher-4 youve-been-bood-treat-cone-by-the-party-teacher-5

Roll your notched circle together, and tape on the inside.


youve-been-bood-treat-cone-by-the-party-teacher-7 youve-been-bood-treat-cone-by-the-party-teacher-8

On the outer edge, use double-sided tape or glue dot strips. (Glue would be hard to use because it would be hard to secure the outer edge until the glue dried.)


Punch two holes on either side of your cone, keeping the paper seam in the back.


Just to dress this up a bit, I took black crepe paper, and folded it back and forth over itself to create a stair-stepped ruffle. Make about 2 inches of ruffle, then tape it to the inside of your hat. Keep checking the view from the outside of your hat to make sure you have an even amount of ruffle showing all the way around the hat. (I found it easiest to have my clear packing tape pre-cut and ready to place on the ruffle.)


Use your scissors to poke a hole through the single hole punch and the ruffle. Then add your ribbon tie (instructions above).


Use glue dots or double-sided tape to add a printable to the front of the hat. I chose this free You’ve Been Boo’d collection from Printabelle, featured on Catch My Party. Add a little crinkle paper, your treats, and go boo a neighbor!


3 – Skip the cutting: buy party hats instead.

The fastest way to create treat cones is just to buy party hats. Turn them upside down, and replace the elastic with ribbon: instant treat cone!


I found these cute glitter polka dot hats in a variety of colors at Hobby Lobby. Just push in the tabs and cut off the elastic.


I picked up mini black pom-pom trim at WalMart and hot glued that along the edge of the hat. (Position the ends of the trim along the hat’s seam and make that the back of your hat.)

halloween-party-cones-by-the-party-teacher-13 halloween-party-cones-by-the-party-teacher-14

Add grosgrain ribbon and secure to the inside of the hat with large knots.


Hot glue large glitter spiders (also from WalMart) to the hat. I also added some small glitter spider stickers left over from my Witch’s Tea Party last year.

halloween-party-cones-by-the-party-teacher-16 halloween-party-cones-by-the-party-teacher-17 halloween-party-cones-by-the-party-teacher-22 halloween-party-cones-by-the-party-teacher-28halloween-treat-cones-by-the-party-teacher youve-been-bood-treat-cone-by-the-party-teacher easiest-ever-halloween-party-cones-by-the-party-teacher

To see even more great DIY Halloween ideas, check out the rest of Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams’ 13 Days of Handmade Halloween. I’m proud to be sharing my Halloween Treat Cones with 12 other amazing party bloggers — you’ll definitely want to see what the other ladies are up to![inlinkz_linkup id=669012 mode=1]13dohh2016

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