My kids love Halloween almost as much as Christmas, so Halloween is always a good excuse for having a party. Here are my favorite Halloween party ideas for kids from the past few years here at The Party Teacher.7-cute-and-creepy-halloween-parties-for-kids-by-the-party-teacher

Witch’s Tea Party

I could throw a tea party at least once a year, so reinventing this classic as a Witch’s Tea Party was a no brainer. Every guest got a custom witch name, and while we put an elegant black and white spin on this party, it came together really easily.
Witch's Tea Party by The Party Teacher-074

Trick or Treat Party

When I found Halloween-style “Christmas” stockings on Etsy, I just had to create a party around them. I came up with a trick or treat theme, where the food and fun might be a treat or a trick. (This party is also packed with activities to keep your little goblins busy until the real trick or treating begins.)


Black Rat Table Setting/Mantel Decor

Maybe you’re just looking for a cute/creepy way to set the table for Halloween. A quick trip to Dollar Tree for plastic black rats, and you can re-create this look in a morning.

3-D Black Rat Halloween Art by Double the Fun Parties - 0926

Sweet (Not Spooky) Halloween Party

When my kids were younger, our Halloweens were more sweet than spooky. For this sweet Halloween party, I created an easy candy table, the kids made candy necklaces and we decorated pumpkins the no-mess way.


Zombie Princess Party

For older kids and tweens starting to appreciate a spookier Halloween, this zombie-inspired party lets the kids get together for a pre-trick or treating bash. We only invited princesses, but un-dead boys would enjoy chocolate brains and zombie cakepops, too!


Charlie Brown Halloween Party

Oh, Charlie Brown. Round-headed kid with way too many holes in his ghost costume. He deserves his very own Halloween party, don’t you think? So if your kids (or you!) love the pitiful kid who just gets rocks in his trick or treat bag, this party’s for you.


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