Welcome to part two of our Halloween Party Planning Challenge! If you missed part one, find it here.

In part one, we established:

  • The date and time of your party
  • That you’re hosting at home
  • What your party budget will be
  • Who is on your guest list, including how many adults and how many kids you’ll host
  • The theme your party
  • And you started brainstorming your own ideas because you rock

Today in part two, we’re talking party style and choosing your party invitations.

What style will your party be?

The style question isn’t complicated, but it’s really helpful to nail down. When you know your party style, you can make design choices that coordinate, and make your party look all pulled together. Is your party style…

  • Clean and modern?
  • Vintage?
  • Shabby chic?
  • Country rustic?
  • Something else?

You get the idea: pick your style and stick to it. Don’t mix modern with shabby chic, for instance, or your party will look like it was planned by committee. Knowing your party style also makes shopping easier, because it becomes clear what you should say “no” to — even if it is really cute.

Here’s a mood board I created as an example for you. The idea was a cute ghost (not a scary ghost) — picture 1 of the ghost cookies was my inspiration. It’s sweet but also modern. I like to layer garlands, so there are a few garland styles there. And here’s the cake in my imagination: plain white layered buttercream with Peeps ghosts on orange/white straws as a cake topper. (I sketched the idea below the photo credits.) I love doing a plain white cake and dressing up the top; it’s a great way to save money and not spend hundreds on a fancy fondant cake.

  1. Baking in Heels
  2. Mandy’s Favorite Things
  3. Create UR Plate
  4. Kidz Party Shoppe
  5. The Parties That Pop
  6. The Lil Felt Shoppe
  7. Sofie’s Big Day
  8. Happy Elf Shoppe
  9. Pink Print Design
  10. Gibb Co Studio
  11. Penny Paperie Designs
  12. Sunshine Parties

Choosing party invitations

Now that you know when and where you’ll host your party, your theme, and what style your party will be, you’re ready to order invitations. You need to make all those decisions first in order to know what type of design to look for, and what the invitation should say.

Although sites like Minted have darling invitations (and Minted can even address and mail them for you), I still prefer shopping Etsy for invitations so I also can buy coordinating party printables. Of course, there are email invitation services, but I say nothing beats the fun of receiving real mail in your mailbox. Color me old fashioned. Here are some of my favorite Halloween party invitations.

Halloween birthday party invitations

  1. Much Too Graphic
  2. 800 Canvas
  3. Pristine Print Co
  4. Zoey Blue Designs
  5. Pandafunk Creations
  6. SeryndipityDesigns
  7. Sugar Pickle Designs
  8. Little Mountain Top
  9. Ellenphant Designs

Halloween pumpkin carving party invitations

  1. Duffy Design Co
  2. Lemons That Are Pink
  3. Claudia Owen
  4. Duffy Design Co
  5. Tiny Confetti
  6. Making Memories on Paper

Halloween party invitations

  1. Lyons Prints
  2. Sunshine Parties
  3. Chachke Designs
  4. Palm Beach Prints
  5. Claudia Owen
  6. Bean Press
  7. Sugar Pickle Party
  8. MKKM Designs
  9. Gibb Co Studio
  10. Penny Paperie Designs
  11. Sunshine Parties
  12. Zee Will Draw

If you want custom stamps for your invitations, try Zazzle.com. And, if you don’t love trimming printables, send an image file to WalMart and have them printed as matte photos. The trimming’s done for you! If you choose a double-sided invitation, send the PDF file to Office Depot and have them print and trim the invites for you.

And that’s it for part two of our Halloween Party Planning Challenge! In part three, we’ll tackle your party menu and party favors. And be sure to grab your FREE 4-Week Party Planner (below). It will help you plan any party in just minutes a day.

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