This easy Easter Cake is decorated with cookies and could not be any simpler. Step 1: buy cake, cookies and frosting. Step 2: affix cookies to cake. I’ve got a few more details for you below.

Easy Easter Cake Decorated with Cookies by The Party Teacher

While you could certainly make the cake and cookies for this “recipe” … why? Here’s how to create this cute cake that looks more impressive than the effort it requires.

Easy Easter Cake by The Party Teacher-2


Easy Easter Cake by The Party Teacher-1


1 – Place the cake on the cake stand you’ll serve your cake from.

2 – If you purchase a buttercream cake, you can skip this step. If you bought a coconut cake, use the spatula to lightly scrape off some coconut. This will help the cookies stick better to the cake.

Easy Easter Cake by The Party Teacher-3 scrape off coconut

3 – Unwrap the cookies and use the spatula to swipe 1 to 2 tablespoons of frosting on the back of a cookie.

Easy Easter Cake by The Party Teacher-4 add frosting to cookie

4 – Press the cookie into the side of the cake and hold it in place for a few seconds.

5 – With the first cookie in place, estimate how far apart to place each additional cookie so they will encircle the cake. The first time I tried this, I placed the cookies immediately next to each other (as shown in the photo immediately below), and that left me with a weird space at the back of the cake.

Easy Easter Cake by The Party Teacher-5 place cookies around cake

This second photo shows you the spacing that worked for me.

Easy Easter Cake by The Party Teacher-6

6 – At the top of the cake, make a 2-inch slit in the cake. Insert one bunny face cookie on the left. Make a second 2-inch slit to the right of and a little behind the face cookie. Insert one bunny tail cookie. Press the cookies a little ways into the cake so they’ll be secure enough to stand on their own.

Easy Easter Cake by The Party Teacher-7 add cookies to top

That’s it! You can see the cake on the center of my Easter party table.

Let your cake and cookies set up for a little while before you move it. You don’t want cookies falling off. If they do, add more frosting to the cookie and press in place again. On my first attempt, I didn’t use enough frosting. On the second try, the cookie stayed in place over the days it took us to eat the cake.

Easy Easter Cake by The Party Teacher-9

I love this idea and think I’ll try it with other seasonal cookies. The Archer Farms cookies at Target are usually a little on the tough side, so they work well for decorating purposes.

If you try this idea, I’d love to see your photos!

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